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Teenager in prison for driving wrong way through the Blackwall Tunnel


teenager who drove stolen car in wrong way through the Blackwall Tunnel and then caused a head-on collision was sentenced to four years in jail.

Johal Ratur, 18 of Grace, Essex, caused in crash in early hours of August 6 last year and fled the scene.

there were no serious injuries caused to driver of the Mercedes van he crashed into.

However, Ratur caused £80,000 of van damage and stolen He was driving a Range Rover.

Teenager went to jail for behind the wheel wrong way through the Blackwall Tunnel

/ Handout for the police

Blackwall Tunnel also had shut for more than two hours while driving during rush hour, causing total loss of £585,000 of transport revenue for London.

Ratur fled the scene of in crash but was soon arrested after the cops identified him and tracked him down mobile Telephone.

After he was charged with crimes, Ratur failed attend court. Subsequently, he was traced down and arrested by RTPC officers in January this year.

Police Constable Adam Lamb, Investigator in case, said: “Ratur was guilty of incredibly dangerous thing of driving and it was miracle that no one was seriously hurt.

Johal Ratur was imprisoned for four years.

/ Metropolitan Police

“View video of he is driving wrong way through the tunnel is very unpleasant, as it seems inevitable that fatal collision may happen.

“In addition to the damage caused stolen vehicle and the van he collided withRatur also disrupted and delayed travel of thousands of people using Blackwell Tunnel on day of in crash.

“I’m glad he has faced justice for their actions and cannot drive on roads of London for many years.”


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