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Through its solutions and services, Techwave Hungary provides its customers with an IT application framework that adapts to and serves the dynamically changing needs of the market at all times. Founded over two decades ago under the name HostLogic and Hungary’s first SAP Gold Partner, the company today offers the latest vendor software solutions that include system integration and implementation consulting, as well as work to international standards. services as a leading SAP hosting partner in Eastern Europe and provides application support.

In September 2016, HostLogic joined the US-based international group of IT consulting companies Techwave, which delivers and delivers complete solutions worldwide. The Techwave Hungary team is also involved in major international SAP implementation projects and, based on its experience, is also expanding its service portfolio in the domestic market – today it is no longer a mono-brand supplier, but a supplier of the entire portfolio of IT solutions, helping to further digital transformation of organizations .

Computerworld: What are the trends in the domestic market regarding the transformation of ERP?

Attila Molnar: Until a few years ago, companies traditionally viewed ERP solutions implemented on-premise as a base system that was not portable to the cloud, but now this has changed. They have had such a positive experience with other cloud applications that today 80% of organizations plan to migrate additional applications, including ERP solutions, to the cloud.

In a complex business environment full of uncertainty, companies can leverage advanced cloud-based IT solutions to respond faster and more flexibly to change, reduce their costs and risks, and be closer to their customers. During the pandemic, when business continuity was suddenly threatened, all organizations faced it. The rapidly changing needs of customers and therefore businesses can no longer be met even in the field of corporate governance with developments that take many months to complete. A good solution should be delivered within a few weeks and organizations can implement this agile data-driven work in the cloud.

CW: What solutions and services do you use to help turn local organizations into smart companies?

Attila Molnar: We offer a full portfolio of services, public and hybrid clouds in hyperscale clouds, our technology partners’ clouds, our own Techwave cloud, and on-premises solutions for our customers. We started as a SAP partner, but today we offer solutions in all areas related to company management – BI, analytics, ECM, IoT and others. Whereas in the past we customized a standard ERP system to suit our clients’ existing processes, today we are focusing on areas of business rather than individual processes where a modern ERP solution along with many additional applications such as CRM, CX and SCM, designed in accordance with the best business practices, serves dynamically changing needs through standard processes.

With cloud-based integrated solutions, we help our clients work with data, and this is also what the ERP transformation in smart companies is aiming for. Recently, the implementation of SAP S / 4HANA in the domestic market, including conversion, has begun, as many companies have switched from the previous version of SAP ERP to the most advanced vendor system.

We help our clients with the transition with our S4 preparation program, which, by studying business goals and needs, quickly determines when to start the transition and in what environment it can be most profitable – the new system must remain on-premises , use public or private SAP Cloud, migrate to hyperscale cloud or Techwave private cloud. In addition to the cost advantages, our private cloud with internal data centers also contributes to compliance with data sovereignty requirements.

CW: What will you be focusing on in the new year and what advice will you give to companies on the digital transformation of corporate governance in 2023?

Attila Molnar: We are planning many pre-S4 projects, in addition to focusing on CX projects, sales and marketing automation, omnichannel customer experience and investments in digital transformation and sales connectivity, as well as the implementation of SAP Emarsys. All this accurately reflects the needs of the business and the trends that determine the further digital transformation of intelligent companies.

We advise companies to view their digital transformation as a business project, not as an IT project, including ERP transformation as part of it. The Techwave team, which understands both sides, will support its implementation with extensive experience and knowledge, as well as the most complete cloud palette in the new year.

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