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Tech security company Cloudflare no longer protects kiwi farms

Technical security company Cloudflare announced that he’s giving up on Kiwi Farms website in connection with the “immediate danger”, created online harassment campaigns and threats emanating from the site. move comes just days after Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince initially backed the company decision to protect the site after it has been linked to real-campaigns for the pursuit of life. Site known as a forum for stalkers for organizing trips against their alleged target has been linked to at least three suicides. By Saturday, Prince changed course, saying Washington Post: “We think that danger and pace in which law enforcement can respond to threats that we do not think fast enough to keep up”. He noted that forum participants publish home addresses of people and call for shoot them. Site visitors are now greeted with a message: “Due to the immediate and extreme threat to human life, content of Access to this site through the Cloudflare infrastructure has been blocked.”

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