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Tech giant Apple to make a donation flood relief, recovery

CEO of tech Apple giant, Tim Cook, said the company would donate aid and recovery efforts in Pakistan after the country was devastated by historic floods.

Cook, who heads a $2.5 trillion company, said the floods are “devastating humanitarian disasters.” added that “our thoughts” with those who lost loved ones and all the victims.

Torrential rains and floods inundated a third of Pakistan and killed more than 1100 people including 380 children at the call of the UN for to help on Tuesday for what he called “an unprecedented climate disaster”.

The country received almost 190% more rain than 30-year average in in quarter before this August year, only 390.7 millimeters (15.38 inches). Sindh Province, with a population of 50 million was the heaviest hit, receiving 466% more rain than 30-year average.

The pouring rain has also triggered flash floods that crashed down from the northern mountains, destroying buildings and bridges, washing away roads, stagnant and stored crops.

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