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Tchachoi Yadav’s response to this opposition leader

New Delhi:

Tchachoi Yadav, who took right day with Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, he had a set of Messages to answer from friends and well-wishers. was among them one From KT Rama Rao, Telangana minister And the son of Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao.

Congratulations to Sriyadavtejashwi Ji on oath is done in as a deputy CM of Bihar. warm regards to you in for you new role & wish You are the best in serve the peopleRead the letter from 46-year Old.

“Thank you brotherRead the reply from Mr. Yadav, who At the age of 32, he one of Youngest political leaders in Country.

Tegashui Yadav, a cricketer turned politician, is the political heir of Lalo Yadav, veteran A leader from Bihar, he ran party affairs for years now.

The former deputy of His father’s archenemy Nitish Kumar, spent over 2 years as Bihar state captain of Opposition when Mr. Kumar ended the grand alliance with Congress and Rashtriya Janata Dal Chairman Yadav, citing corruption cases against for him.

But over The last months, both sides corrected up And today it is took swear, set to be back As Mr. Kumar’s deputy in Bihar again.

However, such fluctuations did not fall off way of Mr. Rama Rao, or KTR, as his supporters call for him.

The son of Telangana first Chief MinisterMr. Rama Rao was dealing with it party affairs of Telangana Rashtra Samethi as its serving president since December 2018.

he is also in Cost of Governor of Information Technology, Industries and Commerce in for him father’s government of Which he has been a part of since Telangana got a state.

Love between heirs of The two prominent political families in the country reflect the slow rapprochement together of In front of the opposition parties of 2024 general elections.

The senior Mr. Rao was working for a party outside Congress and not the BJP coalition Since before 2019 general elections that failed to be achieved so far.

Mr. Yadav bossNitish Kumar, it is said that his eye on leading the opposition in 2024 general elections.

The BJP claimed he wanted to be the Prime Minister and broke their alliance for The second time for for him national ambitions.

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