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Tax searches at Top Think Tank, the NGO Oxfam, and the foundation that funds media outlets like Caravan

raids on in the center for Policy Research office in Chanakyapuri Delhi.

New Delhi:

The Income Tax Department conducts “surveys” in offices of independent think tank for Policy Research and Philanthropic Organization Oxfam India in Delhi, and at the Bengaluru-based Independent Public Media Foundation (IPSMF) which has funded a number of of digital media Outlets such as The Caravan, The Print and Swarajya.

No response has been received yet from any of organizations facing a job.

Sources in The tax department said the searches were “linked” to a simultaneous action in Haryana, Maharashtra and Gujarat, among other places,”over Finance of more More than 20 political parties registered but not recognized official The statement is out Until now.

a team of more From 10 officers inside CPR office Sources said in Chanakyapuri since noon. Surveys are likely to go on Overnight in Okhla at Oxfam office Also, it has been learned. Staff were not allowed to leave.

It was once headed by Academician Pratap Bhanu Mehta, a prominent critic of BJP governmentCPR that govern board It is currently headed by Meenakshi Gopinath, a politician scientist who He taught at Jawaharlal Nehru University and was Principal of Lady Shri Ram College in Delhi. The President and CEO is Yamini Ayyar. members of The board included former Foreigner secretary Shyam Saran and IIM professor Rama Bijapurkar.

About Finance, Thought Center says on that it website This, while acknowledging that no-forFor-profit society by the government of India, the contributions you receive are tax deductible. CPR receives grants from a diverse group of local and international sources, including foundations, corporate philanthropy, governments, and multilateral agencies” says, adding that “a full Accounting of annual financial grants available on The website.

established in 1973, describing itself as a “non-partisan and independent institution dedicated to conducting research Contributes to higher quality scholarships, better policies and a more strong public Talk about issues that affect life in India”.

“Ask related questions” is one of its stated objectives.

Oxfam India is a part of it of a global Alliance of NGOs under the umbrella of Oxfam. that it website says It works “to end discrimination and create free and just the society “.” we campaign with The public to me demand policy changes from governments for creating a just And an inclusive country as envisioned in Indian constitution. we rally support to preserve and protect and rebuild spirits of the poorest of Poor people affected by crises and humanitarian disasters says.

as such for alleged contact with illicit financing of Political parties, is worth The context here, according to latest info from last yearIndia has 2,858 registered parties with Election Commission of India, of which 2796 are not recognized, which means they did not meet the minimum criteria for independent recognition.

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