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Tate Modern attack: French boy thrown from balcony now able to sit up

A six-year-old boy who was seriously hurt when he was thrown from a 10 th flooring balcony at the Tate Modern is now able to sit up and hold a spoon.

The French kid, who can not be called since of his age, is “slowly but surely continuing to progress”, his family have actually stated.

He was assaulted by autistic teen Jonty Bravery at the London art gallery on 4 August in 2015.

Jonty Bravery confessed a charge of tried murder

In a post on a GoFundMe page for the victim, the family stated that “after a slump”, their “smiling little boy” appears to be returning.

“He has gained muscle tone and regained enough strength to manage to sit longer in a sitting position and straighter in his chair without the help of his corset,” the post read.

” He can now consume all soft foods and can practically consume all of his meals on his own, holding his spoon himself with his right-hand man.

“As he has more strength, he also has more breath and for that reason, we understand better what he says and he manages to speak to us more.”

In a December upgrade, the family stated the kid was starting to move his limbs however was having difficulty with his left arm and hand.

The current statement states he is continuing training on opening his left hand however is now handling to move his left arm a little.

The boy suffered a bleed on the brain and fractured spinal column

“Only few movements, very approximate and they exhaust him so much that he very quickly starts yawning, but for him, it’s the beginning of the reconquest of his left arm,” it stated.

The GoFundMe page has actually raised more than EUR221,000 (₤199,000) for the boy’s treatment and rehab.

The family likewise had a message for fans throughout the coronavirus pandemic, thanking them for “continuing to think of our little knight in these difficult times”.

” At the medical facility, the circumstance is more made complex with the coronavirus epidemic and containment procedures, however you are still there for us.

” Please remain safe and look after yourself and those you enjoy.”

Jonty Bravery tossed the boy from a balcony

The boy suffered a bleed to the brain, fractures to his spinal column and damaged legs and arms when he was thrown from the art gallery’s seeing platform.

He invested a number of weeks in extensive care after taking a trip to London with his family.

Bravery, now aged 18, from Ealing, west London, confessed a charge of tried murder at the Old Bailey in December.

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