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Tariq Bajwa Appointed by SAPM on finance


government on Wednesday appointed Tariq Bajwa, an old confidante of Finance Minister Ishak Dar and former central banker and tax expert – as Assistant to the Prime Minister on Finance in a move towards the reorganization of the economic team.

AT terms of Rule 4(6) of regulations of Business 1973 prime minister was pleased to appoint Tariq Bajwa as Special Assistant to the Prime Minister with status of minister of State, with immediate effectThis is stated in a note signed by the Prime Minister’s secretary.

Bajwa is in the top five lucky ministers of state out of 29 who have also portfolio assigned. prime minister’s cabinet is constantly replenished, many of them without portfolios. With fresh addition total amount of federal ministers, ministers of state, advisors and special helpers touched 75. Some more meetings also expected in economic team.

The new appointment was made a week after the gift took oath as finance minister after unceremonious care of Miftah Ismail who was enlisted with saving the country from default.

outside of 35 federal ministers, two without portfolio, which is rare, including Ismail.

During the meeting in London, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif briefed Ismail on decision remove him from post of finance minister in presence of Head of PML-N Nawaz Sharif, key party leaders and some cabinet members, according to people involved in the process of meeting.

Neither Shehbaz nor Nawaz one-to-one an audience with Ismail to inform him of decision remove it from the most prestigious cabinet slot. Sources say Ismail expressed concerns about how to get to know of elimination through media.

The cabinet minister said Express Tribune that Nawaz Sharif expressed concern about a permanent increase in prices for petroleum products against in elder As Sharif understands, prices will be raised only once. However, sources said that Ismail clarified that he never said this.

Ismail six- ministerial month term will end soon on October 17 and Cabinet division still showing his status minister no portfolio.

Ismail named Dara decision keep oil taxes below a set limit with International Monetary Fund as “reckless” who was also did not like party leadership.

Bajwa’s appointment was made on Recommendation Dar. Bajwa served with Gift in position of chairman of Federal Council of Secretaries for Revenue and Economic Affairs and Finance.

The gift had also made him a state bank of Governor of Pakistan after Acting Central bank Governor unilaterally decided to devalue the currency in end of 2017.

In May 2019, Bajwa came out down from him post after that prime minister Imran Khan demanded his resignation. Bajwa held a statutory position for Period of three years to end on July 6, 2020

Bajwa had also stayed close to Dar in his days in exile in London, unlike others who broken ties with his.

Bajwa will take care of operational matters of the Ministry of Finance and will actually be an adviser to Dar. role of Minister of State for Financial Doctor Aisha Pasha, who was appointed by Shahbaz Sharif, may be subject to further marginalization after inclusion of Bajwa.

gift it also expected to do some more changes at advisory positions and bureaucratic levels with a view appoint trustworthy and likejudicious people. A little changes in Federal Council of Income also expected soon.

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