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Tamil Nadu movement to overthrow the ruler’s power

Chief Minister Stalin said current practice lead to “confusion”. case


The Tamil Nadu Assembly today passed a bill that will empower the state government Takes over the ruler power To appoint vice presidents of universities.

argue in need To implement this legislation, Chief Minister MK Stalin said the state government’slack of power To set the effects of vice-chancellors higher education. he is also face comparison with Gujarat home Country of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Legislation has been introduced on One day Governor RN Ravi hosts a two-day conference of Deputy Counselors of Country and Central and private Universities in Ooty.

Opposition parties Ayadmak and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) opposed the legislation.

speak on legislation, Chief Minister Stalin said, “Under the agreement, the governor appoints deputy chancellors in Consultation with the state governmentBut over The past four years, a new trend back – of The rulers act as if it were their prerogative.”

he is added this is practice “Lack of respect elected government” and he “against Philosophy of people’s rule”.

The Chief Minister . said current system lead to ‘confusion’ in Administration of Universities.

Mr. Stalin also He referred to the report of Committee chaired by former Chief Justice Madan Mohan Banshee on Relations between the Center and the State – 2010 report recommended removal of ruler of post of Advisor of Universities.

“even in in Chief Minister (Narendra Modi) Gujarat, one of The three candidates recommended by the state government’s search committee were appointed as deputy chancellor, ”said Mr. Stalin.

because of the allegations of an appointment of Deputy Counselors in The past on Political considerations and on the basics of who It was “highest Bidder, “There is concern among academics that this bill may be lead to deteriorate in higher Education standards.

In the past A few years, there have been several cases in Rejected by Governor of Tamil Nadu government’s recommendations to jobs of Vice Presidents of Universities.

The bill, which is in Tune with DMK payment for more independence for The state, the governor shall transmit it to the president for His consent to become law.

The Council passed at least 10 bills, including legislation for State exemption for All India Medical Entrance Examination NEET, pending with Raj Bhavan.

Recently, the state government The tea invitation was boycotted by the governor in protest of the delay in Sending the bill to the President of the Republic, describing it as an insult to the House of Representatives.


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