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Taliban begins paying back wages to public sector employees

Officials said that the Afghan Taliban government will start paying late salaries to government employees starting today, Saturday. The Taliban movement has faced it since its takeover of the country last August.

Taliban begins paying back wages to public sector employees

A woman in Kabul buys food left by the Americans after they left the city.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said on Twitter: “The Ministry of Finance says that starting today, the salaries of the past three months will be paid to all workers and government employees in full.”

It was not immediately clear where the money would come from to pay the salaries.

Even Before the Taliban took control of the country in August, many public sector workers said they had not been paid for weeks. After the Taliban came to power, billions of dollars deposited by the former Afghan government in the United States and Europe were frozen.

Foreign governments do not want to directly fund the Taliban-led government to help it pay its obligations, such as paying workers’ salaries. International financial institutions have also stopped funding Afghanistan.

After a meeting yesterday between the special envoys of Germany and the Netherlands in Kabul with Taliban officials, the two envoys expressed their readiness to discuss paying the salaries of health and education workers directly through International Institutions.

مدرسة في إحدى مدارس كابل (أرشيفية)

(A school in a Kabul school (archive)

It is not clear whether the Taliban’s announcement today about the payment of salaries is related to this.

Inamullah Semanjani, another spokesman for the Taliban, said today, Saturday, on Twitter, that the return on daily collections carried out by the Taliban government increases every day.

He added: “The Ministry of Finance says In the 78 working days in the past three months, we generated a revenue of about 26.915 billion Afghani,” which is equivalent to $288 million. $5.9 million) were returned on Wednesday alone. He added that the payment of the salaries of retired workers will also start soon.

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