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Takes the job of AAP Chief Kejriwal in Gujarat offlooks forward to the main challenger space of the BJP in 2022 polls

Come August, nihilistic general party leader-in Chef Arvind Kejriwal will launch a blitzkrieg campaign in Gujarat home occupation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah. attack of Fees by central agencies against two of It seems that his close associates – Manish Sisodia and Satyendra Jain – have encouraged Kejriwal resolve To storm the lion’s den and pitchfork party horizons in high risk battle.

With the frustration of the Singapore trip, as Kejriwal failed To obtain timely clearance from the Deputy Governor of Delhi, the AAP chief will instead hit Earth in Gujarat on Beginning of August 1, 6, 7 and 10 with a public gathering in Somnath and then visit Rajkot and then Bhavnagar, the epicenter of The tragedy of liquor in Gujarat.

The sources say more Expected to be ‘Kejriwal guarantees’ announcedwhile the focus will be on Bhavnagar.

in the first with Entering AAP, Gujarat State Assembly elections 2022 may become a three-way contest, instead of The traditional Bipolar battle which the state witnessed.

illegal liquid in ‘dry’ Gujarat

AAP, facing central office of Investigation (CBI) on taxes policy in Delhi has left It spares no effort to shed light on this scourge of scores of Deaths due to consumption of Illegal liquor in Patud, Bhavnagar in Dry Gujarat.

Kejriwal not only visited Bhavnagar and demand compensation for relatives of those who Losing their lives and those undergoing treatment, the association’s MPs Sanjay Singh, Sushil Gupta and Sandeep Pathak sought to draw attention of House raising banners and chanting slogans in well of The house that resulted in expel them. Owned by AAP . workers also They took to the streets in Delhi and Gujarat, demanding accountability And the also Resignation of president minister CR Patel.

About whether the AAP file plans to make this key survey board in The run-up To the polls, Sandeep Pathak, AAP RS MP and Gujarat inCharging, said the issue Exceed politics And nuts and bolts of a campaign.

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It’s so dangerous that we don’t even consider it just a issue for our campaign. For humanitarian reasons, it is our political responsibility to raise it on every forum. more than 75 people They lost their lives. The situation is so dangerous that they don’t even admit it people To the hospitals,” he says, adding, “every politician party worth Must take salt up The issue. “

Pathak explains the protest against Death has nothing to do with with that it standard campaign strategy that has already It was formulated as in place. However, AAP will continue to raise the bar issue until the government addresses the key Fears’ and blows to the root of The enormous tragedy. Kejriwal has promised that the prohibition, which is in place in Gujarat, will be strictly enforced, if people of the state give The party a chance.

Kejriwal Warranties

Signature campaign of AAP, with The amazing edition of “Kejriwal guarantees”, he has already taken off on July 21 with AAP chief announces 300 units of Free electricity every month without interruption power Offer and waiver of Receivables are pending until December 31, in Surah.

Party sources say the response of people for free electricity campaign It was “unusual”.

Since a week, on On July 26, Kejriwal visited the famous Somnath temple to offer prayers, and proceeded to Rajkot for City Hall is crowded with merchants where is announced Five guarantees, including refund of VAT inside six months and simplification of Goods and Services Tax.

In the coming days, expect the arrival of AAP out For traders who are believed to be the primary supporters of bharatiya Janata Party, more Intensively.

Signature off for him dialogue with Merchants, Kejriwal said clearly: “When we have government . has been formed in Delhi said that the merchants in Delhi was vote bank of BJP… Please call up Your friends and relatives and if they say so government of Delhi is not doing well, don’t do it vote for us. But if they say that we have government Good performance, we also Worth it once chance in Gujarat. “

The party also The Teranga Rally on June 6 in mahsana, with AAP Organizer, Arvind Kejriwal, flanked by Head of State Gopal Italy and AAP Leader Issudan Gadvi, leading He. She.

speak of A recent poll gave the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party over 40% Congress Shows over 30% and new Baby on Cluster, AAP, over 13% of The vote sharepatak says”I don’t think it’s a current exploratory study. It’s a one or two month old survey. gives our survey us Many more from what i saw on Television. we already Long exceeded 20%, but this is not the time to reveal estimates of Our poll.

On the challenge Proposed by the exhibition conference in gujarat, also reflected in the findings of scan, batak saysalthough he has ample reasons for it challenge the findings of In the poll, he would have put that aside for moment and instead Talking about Congress in Gujarat.

“Conference party Approximately deadbut what you will find is remains of a party Scattered throughout the state, especially in rural areas belt. However, due to debilitating weaknesses in Their performance and leadership, their organization dead in absence of vision and focus. The vote share This is seen as in they support He will eventually abandon them.”

AAP, is saysConfident and comfortable with scanning results.

Saurabh Bhardwaj, Spokesperson for AAP Delhi MLA and Vice Chairman of Delhi Jal Council, says that a lot of people in India is skeptical of Conference. “People are afraid of vote for Congress because even if they formed governmentothers buy their MLAs and overthrow them government. It happened in Madhya Pradesh, Goa and Karnataka”.

What is different this time?

Bhardwaj thinks there are many of the difference between last time, when party was ready for Gujarat state assembly elections in 2017 and this time.

“Last time, we had new government There was a struggle between us government and the government but this time when we go for Elections, we have a path record of Nearly seven years, delivery, the “Delhi model” to display on people of Gujarat. “

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Bhardwaj compares the state of Gujarat related to the elections with justOpinion polls in Punjab. When we ran in the House of Representatives elections for The first time in Punjab, we had nothing to show, except for our own intentionsbut we now have an education modelHealth models, electricity and water for several years. People can now believe that party that delivered in Delhi, can do it in Gujarat too. “

Second, is saysright Now party have governments in two states and people looking at him us As an alternative to the BJP, while earlier in 2017, the alternative to the BJP was the Congress.

Alliance talk

Batak rejects any possibility of alliance with Congress has to take it on Might of Bharatiya Janata Party. “No, no, definitely not. No in This Life ” says.

has not been party already announced alliance with Bharatiya Tribal Party led by Chotophai Vasva (BTP)? Alice party already Open to pre-voting coalitions in Gujarat? We haven’t made any official agreement yet with BTP either before or post-vote. they do good work in tribal belt. We go forward with they in friendly gesture” says.

About seat sharing between AAP and BTP, Pathak says That AAP will reveal it in The coming days, but of it’s not available right now official agreement between the two.

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What do I see now? in Gujarat is that people They are fed up of 27-year-Old rule of BJP, they are disappointed. They feel they have no choice because Congress was never their choice. Now, the cadre is activated with AAP is competing in this election with full force And the president minister of Delhi goes to Gujarat almost every week” says Bhardwaj.

Another indicator of AAP’sgood chance of formation government” in Gujarat, ho saysare Surat municipal elections where people Choose AAP as the opposition partywhich makes it far more Seats of Congress.

MLA Delhi feels that this is reason Why AAP MLAs and Ministers Are Being Targeted by Central government Agencies and Governor Lietuenant of Delhi. “You can sense that there is tension within the senior leadership of BJP with Respect to Gujarat” says.

The challenges are many

with the arrest of Delhi minister Satyendra Jain, CBI . Probe against Delhi Vice CM Manish Sisodia on ex tax policy Alleged investigation Lokayukta financial Irregularities in building Classrooms, AAP has a large number of files challenge on his hands.

Do the party strategists worry about the effect of attack of sensors against kejriwal government in Which countries are restricted to the survey?

batak party man on Earth in gujarat, points out that the CBI . blitz on President minister’s office And residence, deputy CM did not prevent residence party Who won Delhi Council elections for 2020 with the vast majority. ‘They bring a lot of cases is a testament to fact We are doing a much better job in Gujarat from what is generally seen. This will bounce on Bharatiya Janata Party. The general perception is clear That this is a revenge exercise to dissuade the AAP from running for election.”

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Batak thinks so by unleashing one Agency after agency on Ministers of AAP and MLAs, BJP reveals its weakness. “if I were on Weak ground, if you feel threatened by someone else party, then resort to such tricks. AAP is getting stronger every day. I think that bad for they. it will be from good for us in The eyes of The people,” he is says.

Bhardwaj argues that the provisions under prohibit of The Money Laundering Act (PMLA) is strict and continues against principles of natural justice. Is also says BJP will use PMLA against It’s political opponents more frequently and this cannot be the reference for decision making who honest.

“The people of Gujarat know About Gujarat model And the how Political opponents have been silenced. They understand” says.

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When asked whether the party ready to take on The challenge of Multiple cases against key Persons within AAP, Bhardwaj saysThere is nothing to prepare, we just have to prepare ourselves to go for it jailand us people Prepared for which – which.”

The alreadyThe apparent violent conflict between the AAP and the BJP’s top leadership is likely to reach its climax of Gujarat Association Surveys.

Political analysts believe that the BJP is in a good position win The election, with AAP opposition division vote share. However, the AAP sees it differently. Batak says”The fight in Gujarat lies between AAP and BJP, so BJP has to fight hard If they have to win. our campaign It will be high-octane, multi-faceted jump from what i saw in Punjab. We are going to challenge they in a big way And they will experience An election they’ve never seen before.”

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