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t3n advent calendar: take a look behind door number 3!

Behind the third door of the t3n advent calendar there are three Magenta SmartHome starter sets for heating. This means it will be comfortably warm in the apartment at Christmas time – and that even without a fireplace.

3 Magenta SmartHome Starter Sets heating to win

From on the go using the app Turn up the heating, regulate each room individually according to the time to a comfortable temperature and save energy at the same time? No problem with Magenta SmartHome. A starter set consisting of three radiator thermostats and a Home Base central unit suitable for the cold season is now available for entry into the smart home.

The radiator thermostats can be installed quickly and easily. Then just download the app, connect it to the Home Base and add the thermostats. You can get started right away: access your heating system anytime and anywhere, switch it on and off with one click or set your desired temperature – individually for each room and each radiator. This also works automatically and even by voice. Cozy rules and scenes can be created using the app, such as: “IF 7 o’clock, THEN heat the bathroom to 23 ° C.”

Magenta SmartHome heating set with three Radiator thermostats and a Home Base, the central unit for networking the thermostats and other smart devices. (Image: Telekom Deutschland GmbH)

Magenta SmartHome is the smart home solution from Telekom. With this you can G use devices from many different manufacturers. The integrated radio standards of the Home Base network not only the radiator thermostats, but also a large number of other smart devices such as lamps, motion detectors or vacuum robots. In this way you remain independent of individual providers, you can expand your system at any time and even take it with you when you move.

Good luck with the competition and the entry into the smart home!

Now smart heating set to win

You want to win one of the SmartHome Starter Sets?

If you want the chance of one of our prizes, all you have to do is fill out the newsletter form on the next page. After you’ve signed up, it’s time to wait, drink tea and keep your fingers crossed. If you have won the raffle, we will send you an email to the email address you submitted. From this point on, you have 14 days to get back to us. If you fail, the prize will be entered into the raffle again. By the way: You have to register individually for each day that you want to take part in the raffle.

At this point we want each other too Thank you to Telekom, the sponsor of today’s prize.

To the competition

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