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Swimmer attacked by shark while snorkeling off Cornish coast

Shark bites a swimmer in extremely rare attack off British coast.

The victim, reportedly a woman, was snorkeling. in waters around Cornwall when attack happened.

Authorities said the victim is believed to have sustained a leg injury. injury from a suspected shark bite.

Incident took place last Thursday off coast near Penzance.

Shark attacks are incredibly rare. in United Kingdom. The victim was last injured one in British waters in 2017 when the smooth-haired hound bit the finger of surfer around South Devon.

Only a handful of other shark attacks are believed to have occurred place in UK since the 1800s, according to the database.

In Cornwall, several species visit the surrounding waters each day. year including blue sharks, white sharks and basking sharks.

An HM Coast Guard officer said he sent a Penzance Coast Guard rescue team to meet the diver. who in the end suffered a suspicion of a shark bite of last month.

He was warned just until 12:30 on July 28th.

A spokesman said: “The swimmer is believed to have suffered a leg injury. injury … Coast security team met help an injured person in Penzance Harbor with transferring them to care of ambulance service.”

Local media The victim was reportedly a woman. She was on snorkeling trip to see the blue sharks that visit UK in summer months – when she was attacked, according to Falmouth Pack.

Blue shark attacks on people are extremely rare, but a few fatal cases have been reported worldwide.

Charitable Organization Shark Trust says there are only a few types of sharks that can be dangerous to humans and claims that no sharks have ever been reported in British waters.

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