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Sustainability: Skoda report demonstrates commitment to environmental protection

Constructor announced the latest environmental protection and social responsibility initiatives and goals for the future

Skoda released its sustainability report for the 2019/20 biennium, in which it reports on the progress made and the short and medium term objectives in terms of environmental protection and social responsibility policy.

One of the most relevant goals for the builder with headquarters in the Czech Republic is to eliminate C02 emissions in the production process of cars and components in its factories located in this country.


The strategy designated as “Green Future” aims to reduce the carbon footprint resulting from the company’s activity, based on three base pillars: “green factory”; “green product”; “green retail”.

Specifically, Skoda started to recycle or thermally process all the waste generated in the production of vehicles and components since the beginning of 2020, at the same time as started to adopt measures so that production in its Czech factories is neutral in C02, such as the replacement of natural gas by carbon dioxide-free methane, by way of example.

Ao At the level of social responsibility, initiatives in four key areas stand out: road safety; technical education; barrier-free mobility and care for underprivileged children.


Within the scope of combating the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 200 cars and 150 electric scooters were made available on car/bike sharing platforms in the Czech Republic, for health professionals and support organizations.

In addition, the manufacturer donated 100 units of its Octavia model to various institutions, was involved in supporting the production of masks and provided help financial support and supported the acquisition of computers with internet connection for children from needy families, so that they could follow distance learning.


Finally, highlight the “A tree for every car” initiative, in course since 2007, which aims to plant a tree for every car sold by Skoda in its country of origin. At the end of 2020, the area covered by trees planted under this measure was 210 hectares.

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