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Suspenders Sukkur Barrage for flood off north

SUKKUR: Destiny of hundreds of thousands of people in the southern province of Sindh lies with 90-year-an old barrier that directs the flow of water from the mighty Indus River one of in the world’s largest irrigation systems.

Sindh has been jammed for weeks of torrential rains that have flooded farmland across the province but are now pouring torrents from swollen tributaries in mountain north ply down Indus, due arrive in coming days. The river is rising in Tibet and Pakistan split in half as it wriggles more more than 3,000 km south of the Arabian Sea near Karachi.

There is water from the Indus already lapping over its shores in multiple locations, and if the Sukkur Dam fails to control the flow, catastrophe result. Originally known as the Lloyd Barrage, it was considered an engineering marvel when completed. in 1932 capable of 1.4 million cubic meters are dumped. of water on second through 19 steel gates, hinged between stone pillars. It’s central of in cityfavorite site for photograph tourists and also provides key bridge over the river

The water is diverted by the barrier to series of channels with a total length of almost 10,000 kilometers that pass through agricultural land, but “silt accumulates up and it doesn’t happen removedShah said, adding that the canals had not been deepened since 2010.

On Sunday, engineers struggled to reinforce the Ali Wakhan Dam, a crucial curve of indus river in in city threatened by a flooded river. optimism and a little of time are the only facilitating factors. Warden Shahid Hussein says “flooding caused local rain should By that time the water had receded north courses through. But if it rains again closer to home, the situation can change quickly. “Fortunately, the forecast promises that there will be no rain. in coming days,” Minister Shah said.

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