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Suspected shooter linked to Moose Wala killing detained in Byun: Report | India latest news

Sidhu Moose Wala Killing: Over 10 people He was arrested in case so far.

The shooter – suspected of having an affair with Punjab singer and politician Seidu Moss Wala murder – He was reportedly detained in Pune early hours on Monday. Santosh Jadhav, quoted officials as saying news PTI Agency, he was arrested in 2021 murder The case was filed at Pune Police Station. He is said to be a member of Lawrence Bishnoi gang. One of his assistants also He was arrested.

Gang Lawrence Bishnoi – settled in Tihar in Delhi – Recently named the mastermind in The murder issue. Gangster Goldie Prair – who is Canada – was also claimed responsibility of The killing earlier.

Sunday, Maharashtra home minister Dilip Wallis Patel said, “The police teams Four to five states work together on Sidhu Moosewala murder issue. Maharashtra ATS (it) also watching on That, ‘Patel added.

Last week, a district court in Mansa district of Punjab was given four days of police custody of Sandeep Singh aka Kikda, who He was allegedly a fan of singer died information of status.

Special Investigation Team in Punjab – Investigate murder Status – An attempt was made to close it in on Involved shooters in The killing. It’s been two weeks since the popular singer – who It was fans Across India and Canada too – he was shot dead in Near him home in Mansa district.

Policemen from Maharashtra, Delhi and Punjab are investigating the case.

Delhi Police claimed that Harkamal Ranu was one of Shooters but it wasn’t. he is involved in Provide logistics services support and harbor shooters. So the contradictory results make it difficult. They even claimed that Sourav Mahkal was the shooter and now claim he introduced the shooters,” an SIT member earlier told HT.

more than 10 people He was arrested in Case so far, but everything of He thinks they are involved in Provide logistics services supportPregnancy out Track and shelter the attackers.

(with input from PTI)

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