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Suspect in Buffalo shooting claims to have committed mass murderfor in future of white race’ in a note of apology to his family’s affidavit says

“Gendron’s motive for the mass shooting was supposed to prevent Black people from replacing white people and eliminate the white race and inspire others to commit similar attacks”, complaint says.

The defendant was shackled and dressed in an orange jumpsuit and black face cover when it made his first appearance in Federal Court on Thursday morning before U.S. Justice of the Peace H. Kenneth Schroeder Jr. Gendron looked down when the charges were announced, he was watched by two U.S. marshals. He did not enter plea.

Section of court saved for family of shooting victims were full, with about 20 peopleall of im Black. Most family the participants looked directly at Gendron when he finished in and throughout the proceedings. Sobs were heard and some wiped away tears.

Raymond and Garnell Whitfield, sons of 86-year- old shooting victim Ruth Whitfield, said their mom went to everyone event throughout their lives so they had to be in court.

“It’s very difficult to put eyes on a person who shot at you mother down in grocery storeRaymond Whitfield told CNN ahead of the hearing.

The judge appointed the federal public counsel after questioning Gendron about his financial situation and review financial affidavit. The defendant admitted to having two shares of Disney stock and checking and savings account.

To the judge’s question how a lot of money he had in to each bill, Gendron replied, “Sixteen dollars.”

Schroeder noted that he was advised that the lawyers assigned to Gendron be “trained”. counsel” which means they are familiar with death penalty cases, should The Department of Justice decided to look for death penalty.

The judge said that death penalty cases require hiring of specialists, including psychologists, chemists, etc. at the expense of of taxpayers, and expressed the hope that government “oblige steps which would reasonably lead to rapid decision” on in death penalty.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Joseph M. Tripi stated that decision on should I look for death penalty would made attorney general.

“This process will be serious. He will be thorough. He will be fair and we ensure that it will be as fast as we can, balancing all… involved in terms of the rights of the defendant, i.e. public rights, fears of the court in doing it decision”Tripy said.

Gendron waived his right to detention and preliminary probable cause hearing and was returned to custody of state where he was held on murder of criminal charge to which he pleaded not guilty.

Together with described handwritten note in court documents on Wednesday, FBI agents found receipt for a candy a bar purchased at Tops Friendly Market on March 8, when authorities believe it went to store at least three timescomplaint saysdo outline of in stores layout and counting the number of Black people who were there.

Just over two months later on On May 14, Gendron returned to the store, where authorities say he shot 13 people, who long-range in ages 20 to 86. Eleven were black and two were white, Buffalo police said.

federal fees announced Wednesday includes 10 accounts of hate crime result in deaththree accounts of hate crime involving bodily injury10 counts of use of firearms for commit murder during and in attitude to violent crime and three accounts of use and detente of firearms during a violent crime according to criminal a complaint.

The last three points are potential death sentence. But Attorney General Merrick Garland temporarily suspended on federal executions for department in review its policies and procedures. Asked if it was federal prosecutors will look for death penaltyGarland told the families of victims and survivors of shooting will be consulted.

CNN reached out lawyers for Gendron for comment.

News of The federal charges came on Wednesday when Garland visited the site. of massacre and families of victims.

“Not one in this country should have live in fear that they will go on work or shop at the grocery store store and will be attacked by someone who hates them because of color of their skin,” Garland said after the meeting. with family members.

Brynn Gingras of CNN, Sonia Moge and Ray Sanchez contributed to this report.


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