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Suspect identified in Case, Officials Say – NBC New York

The FBI has identified a man linked to a non-specific but widespread threat. against Synagogues in New Jersey that called public warning from my Newark office a day ago, and officials say he no longer poses a threat to the community, the agency and law enforcement sources said. with investigation.

According to a law enforcement source, the man has already been interviewed. Sources described him as male. who maybe he has autism and said he was bullied in in past.

The man went to law enforcement of the anger he said he felt towards the Jewish people but allegedly said he would not harm them because he did not want to get into trouble, law enforcement sources said.

Newark FBI office confirmed that the threat has been eliminated on Twitter on Friday, shortly after the governor of New Jersey and State Attorney general stated the same.

Details on what exactly prompted Twitter in the middle of the day on Thursday warning from the FBI remain unclear at the moment. The Newark branch tweeted that it had received “credible information” about a “widespread” threat to state synagogues.

“At this time, we ask that you take all precautions to protect your community and equipment,” FBI Newark tweeted. in part. “We should share more information as soon How we can. Be carefull. When of emergency call police.”

In the midst of the turmoil of confusion and concern that erupted immediately afterward, officials stressed that public warning was released out of abundance of caution. The source said there was no specific conspiracy or activity, but since the internet threat was deemed credible, the FBI felt it was important to warn public so that security can be improved.

Synagogues across the state have asked remain vigilance and police in some communities stepped up patrols. Specific goals were not mentioned. The officials stressed online the threat was widely cited by temples in New Jersey.

Gov. Phil Murphy said he was pleased that the threat had been reduced and thanked the FBI as well as its law enforcement partners. for their efforts.

“While this particular threat can be mitigated, we know this is remains busy time for our Jewish communities who are facing wave of anti-Semitic activities,” Murphy said. We will not remain indifferent. We will remain vigilant. We will accept any threat with in all seriousness and we will stand up and stand shoulder to shoulder with our Jewish communities.”

“This threat violated one of the most basic postulates of our nation is the right to worship according to dictate of our conscience and our sacred and holy traditions,” the Democrat tweeted. “We will always strive ensure that every New Jersey resident of every faith can continue to live learn and worship without fear for them safety.”

New York Gov. Katie Hochul said she, too, has been briefed on the threat. There was no related one in Big apple.

The NYPD confirmed the same. It stated that the Bureau of Intelligence and Counterterrorism “worked diligently with the Joint Terrorism Task Force and the FBI to ensure in safety and well-being of each area which includes our Jewish citizens and synagogues here in New York and tri-state area.”

Mayor Eric Adams said the five boroughs are ready to provide assistance as needed.

“Insidious rise of outright anti-Semitism in last years, with vicious lies and hatred spread by voices of bigotry and intolerance should never be ignored. It needs to be resisted,” he said. We will keep our Jewish community Safely.”

Sharp warning and accent on warning nature of this led some law enforcement officials to question why this threat was considered more more trustworthy than many others posted daily. The officials say warning was issued as a reminder of the need to remain vigilant given the increase in antisemitic incidents in New Jersey and other places in recent months.

“It was a non-specific threat. We have system in place for manufacturing sure word out and that everything players engaged and mobilized,” explained New York/New Jersey Anti-Defamation League director Scott Richman. in that environment you have to be careful.”

The investigation is ongoing.

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