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Survey report has been sent in The court of Varanasi, mentioning “Hindu inscriptions, idols and symbols”

related to issue should He’s allowed to appear in the foreground with an emphasis on it truth it can not be hidden for Long.

RSS advertising in-Sunil Ampicare Charging made This statement on Gianfabe Mosque issue during his annual address event Organized by Indraprastha Vishwa Samvad Kendra, RSS feed dialogue prison cell, in New Delhi on Wednesday to honor journalists.

Addressing the programme, Ambikar said, “There are some facts about the upcoming Gyanvapi out in open. I think we should Let the facts come out in open. In any case truth always finds a way to come out. How long can you hide it?

Is also added“I think it is time to lay down the historical facts in The right perspective in front of society.

This statement made By RSS Top official Very important amid the ongoing feud between Kashi Vishwanath Temple and Gyanvapi Mosque.

As stated by the Supreme Court in November 2019 over Ayodhya dispute, while responding to a question asked about similar disagreements in Mathura and Kashi, head of RSS Mohan Bhagwat, said that Sangh was linked with The Ramjanmabhumi movement has historical reasons and was only an exception.

At the time, Bhagwat said that RSS feed will do now work for Human development.

Addressing the same RSS event handle on Wednesday, Union Minister Sanjeev Balian also echo similar views on Gianfabe issue.

Express the feelings associated with it with Gianfabe issueBalian said it was in Varanasi when all these events (related to Gianfabe) unfolded.

“When I got information About Shivling Object found in The mosque, touched me eyes full with tears when you came know An Nandi (holy bull on The one that Lord Shiva rides was waiting for lord shiva for Many centuries “Union Minister added.

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