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Survey: Range counts most for drivers when it comes to electric cars

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Before they buy an electric car, many potential customers first want to be convinced. You have various criteria for the selection, as a recent survey shows. The optics are not one of them.

According to a survey, what counts for an electric car for drivers in Germany is the range and the price-performance ratio. Charging time and charging infrastructure are also important to many, but hardly anyone is interested in optics, as the representative survey by the opinion research institute Yougov on behalf of the car sales platform Mobile.de, which was published on Thursday, shows.

When asked about the most important aspects of the e-car, around 58 percent named the range and 50 percent the price-performance ratio. The charging time and infrastructure were around 43 and 41 percent, respectively. According to the survey, the car’s environmental balance is also important for around 32 percent, and safety for just under 21 percent. Optics only count for a good four percent.

Acquisition costs most frequent contra-argument

As an argument for the fact that they have not yet bought a purely electric car, however, most of them cite too high acquisition costs. Around 54 percent named this point. The range follows in second place with 50 percent. According to the survey, an inadequate charging infrastructure (38 percent) and a questionable environmental balance (35) also have a deterrent effect. Around 13 percent also have safety concerns. In contrast, only a few respondents perceive the driving feel and appearance (four percent each) of the vehicles as a reason not to buy an electric car.

Forming an ideal image of electromobility, the cars would have significantly more range than they do today. Hardly anyone is satisfied with less than 500 kilometers, almost a quarter even want more than 800 kilometers. However, the vehicles should not cost more than comparable combustion engines and should be able to be charged in a maximum of 30, or better still, 20 or 10 minutes – within a radius of a maximum of five kilometers or even right outside the front door. Almost every third respondent would still not buy an electric car even then. dpa

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