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‘Surreal’: Gloucester couple celebrate record- to break the lottery for 184 million pounds win | national lottery

A little over a week ago Joe and Jess Thwaite were facing months, maybe years of repairing what they thought was theirs dream home – a house in Gloucestershire countryside with bucket in hall to catch rain falling through a leaky roof.

But on what Jess called “normal husband grumpy morning with wife” on Wednesday, May 11, the life of a couple and their dreams for in future – we changed For undefined period.

Joe, 49, woke up up at 5.15 am and, after sorting out couple’s dogs, checked his phone and found that he had won £184,262,899.10 on EuroMillions is the largest UK lottery.

“I looked at amount and i put down the phone down”, he said at a press conference near Cheltenham. hosted broadcaster Dermot O’Leary. “And I picked up the phone up again and I looked at amount again.

“I first thought it in thousand,” he said, but then “began to count the numbers,” adding: “It’s amazing, but also surreal.”

Showing great reserve, Joe, communications engineer, waiting for morning alarm clock to wake up wife of 11 years.

Jess, 44 who runs in business side of a family barbershop, said that he then told her that they won jackpot off in back of in lucky dip ticket he bought at 4:00 pm the day before.

Her reaction? “Don’t be stupid.”

But reality started to sink in. It wasn’t a joke, no mistake. Jess, don’t know what to do or who to tell, arrange a meeting with her mother in a car the park.

Recalling their conversation, she said at a press conference: “I said:“ I have something to tell you, secret tell you, but you must promise not to tell anyone.

“She was like’OK’, and then she was like: ‘You are pregnant?'”

Thwaite said she told her mother: “It’s better than being pregnant.”

The couple said they didn’t have enough time to plan their relationship. next steps although expected step back from work and share lot of their newfound wealth, which gives them net worth more than Adele with them family and friends.

Pair, who were married for 11 years old, have two children of elementary school age, and Joe has two children at university from a previous marriage.

The couple commented on in cost of living crisis, with 9 percent inflation has pushed prices to unmanageable levels, saying they too are under pressure.

They said that they financial the situation was “not dire”, but the crisis “touched our lives”.

They said they have a lot of animals such as ponies, geckos, chickens and dogs, with Jess says: “We have too many things, we are too busy.

“We just want to create this kind of Lifestyle for our children. We are at the very bottom because we did our best to get this house and have our ponies in home and that was ours dream”.

On them financial situations, they said they had savings that they planned use do something building on their house when the prices went down.

Jess added: “I’m not saying it’s terrible. We love our life, that’s what we chose.”

Joe said they bought house when economy was better and they were struggling adding: “It’s a huge for us”.

What will happen to house they once thought it was their dream, they were undecided, although they impulsively bought some bedroom furniture after win.

Holidays for now on Agenda, with Hawaii and ranch in Texas hot favorites.

Previous lottery record was held by an anonymous ticket holder who £170 million in October 2019.

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