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Supreme Court wraps up 1.8 thousand cases in 4 days under CJI Lalit | India latest news

New Delhi: More than 1,800 cases have been adjudicated of by the Supreme Court in The first Four working days since Chief Justice of India (CJI) Adi Umesh Lalit took helm a week ago with promise to enter in Institutional mechanism for the Supreme Court to hear and decide maximum possible number of cases every day.

Speaking at the congratulatory ceremony organized by the Bar Council of India, CJI has done in detail performance of Supreme court in The first week after a new system of Menu is set and heard in place on Monday under his management direction.

“I want to me share with something happened to you in The last four days. The things that are still far away have been listed in excess in The number compared to the previous time took over. Mine secretary general Put numbers in front of me. The total number of Miscellaneous issues decided by the court of in The last Four days was 1,293” justice Lalit said to attend of lawyers.

Out of 1,293 issues, 493 miscellaneous issues were packaged up on August 29 – first A working day after CJI Lalit took overwhile 315 others were decided on Friday, according to statistics obtained by Hizb ut-Tahrir. Adjudicated in 197 and 228 miscellaneous cases of on Tuesday and Thursday. The Supreme Court is closed on Wednesday on the account of Ganesh Chaturthi.

during his speech, justice Lalit assured that the Supreme Court can do it also 106 regular Hear things in two days. Ordinary hearings of three judges bench Cases that either require extensive arguments or remain in cold storage for Contracts without being included in the list.

Ordinary hearing matters between Tuesday and Thursday are now listed before the benches of three judges. 58 such cases have been resolved on Tuesday when 48 regular Hearing aid disposed of of on Thursday.

“Can you imagine that the courts are now giving more And the more Focus on getting rid of of regular Judge Lalit said, adding the court also exclude him of 440 petition transferred since Monday. This is what the number looks like like…This is what we are constantly working towards and this is what we strive to achieve.” added. big chunk of Transfer requests have been resolved on Tuesday and Thursday.

Judge Lalit said the Supreme Court will try and act of many cases possible I will strive for him best in his short period of 74 days as CJI to live up to people’s expectations.

“When took overevery pair of eyes He was telling me the same thing story – “Sir, we have a lot of expectations from you. it was something like A reminder that these are our expectations from the Supreme Court…I will act honestly; I will best to me live up For those expectations… the Supreme Court will try to act of many cases possible And as much as you submit to the Supreme Court and let this message go to every corner and corner of this country,” CJI said.

Judge Lalit also made Appeal to lawyers: “You are from various Walk of life, various Regions, various Bar Councils. This is the message that I am conveying through you…let it go down Line in All areaCounty, that’s yes, the Supreme Court will try to act of as much as you can of Kiss “.

As mentioned by HT on August 30 first day of The new CJI in The Supreme Court saw a record Hearing 592 new cases, amid anticipation that the coming days will witness the Resurrection of various Notable and sensitive issues that have been lying in Judicial Treasury for few years.

in an interview with HT just A few days ago took over Like 49 CJI on On August 27, Judge Lalit admitted that pending of cases (more More than 71,000 cases at that time) need to be addressed various levels.

Starting August 29, the Supreme Court also Initial hearings have begun for 25 Constitution bench cases.

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