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Supreme Court says Boston should christian flag allowed on city property

The man holds a flag, which he describes as a “Christian flag”. Supporters of the right Proud Boy and Patriot Prayer, “Three Percent” and other armed allies. of extreme right demonstrated in Portland, Oregon Justice Center on August 22, 2020

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On Monday, the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that city of Boston violated the Constitution by refusing to fly an overtly Christian flag. outside city hall.

The court ruled that since city government allowed other citizens use flagpole to express diversity of messages, its rejection of flag with a cross violated the right to freedom of speech of religious group what it suggested.

Raising the Boston Flag program does not express government speech,” Judge Steven Breyer wrote. in opinion of the court that overturned the decision of the lower court.

Mounted dispute on question of are flags flown under city hall program expressed the government’s point of view, or else city opened a flagpole for self-expression of citizens.

Boston has allowed dozens since 2005 of flags to fly on one of three flagpoles outside city hall, some of who expressed their views of private groups or causes. city did not refuse any requests – until 2017, when director of a group called “Camp Constitution” was asked to fly a flag in honor of the “contributions of Christian community.”

A solid red Christian cross is clearly visible on the blue and white flag. BUT city the commissioner rejected the Christian flag, fearing that it might run filthy of prohibition of the Constitution on a government institution of religion.

Federal District Court and Federal Court of Appeals sided with Boston, counting the flags flying over city The flagpole of the hall was government speech.

The High Court, however, considered “the extent to which Boston actively controlled these flag-raising and shaped the messages sent by the flags,” Breyer wrote.

“The answer seems to be no at all,” Breuer said. And this is the most noticeable feature of This business.”

Breuer’s opinion came less than a week after ’83.year-old justice participated in his final round of oral arguments before retiring this summer. Breuer, one of three liberals on nine-seat bench is set his place will be taken by Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, first A black woman will become the Supreme Court justice.

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