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Sunak and Truss rule out plans to house asylum seekers in Yorkshire village | conservatives

Both Conservative candidates ruled out plans develop a processing center for asylum seekers in a small North Yorkshire village.

Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss pledge to drop the scheme house 1500 male asylum seekers in former RAF base in linton-onOuse, North Yorkshire.

He came as protection secretary Ben Wallace confirmed by ITV News that he withdrew the proposal to the Home Office use possibility house asylum seekers.

sunak, who is an MP for neighboring county of Richmond, said he agreed with care of people in linton-on-use it plans to house thousands of asylum seekers in the village were “not suitable”. The farm has also said she understood that the proposed center was “not moving forward.”

former the chancellor said that if elected leader, he would tell the Home Office to review plans and consider “alternative solutions” after local people said that there were no amenities in the village or public services house in men.

Village home up to about 600 people as well as plans turn abandoned airfields into a data center more than triple population.

Sunak told the Yorkshire Post: “This plan clearly has no local significance. support and I concerned that accessibility of site has priority over its suitability.

“Therefore, I will ask my home secretary to review in plans so an alternative solution could be found.

Sunak promised to “take back control” of British borders so that taxpayers and local communities no longer have to bear the brunt of “broken immigration system”.

Tell Trass that Sunak wants to give up plans for website, she said she didn’t believe plans walked ahead.

Speaking in Huddersfield before the hunt on On Tuesday evening, Truss said: “Well, as I understood from the defense secretary [Truss supporter Ben Wallace] that the site is not moving forward. So it’s a moot point because it won’t forward”.

Sentence for linton-on-Ouse was narrated by Boris Johnson and home secretary Prity Patel, in April 2022 with of in government”new plan for immigration”. He was placed forward to help examine applications for asylum more effectively and cost effectively.

By the end of 2021, more more than 26,000 asylum seekers lived. in hotel accommodation while they waited decisions on their migratory status, according to a report from the Benevolent Refugee Council. The Home Office said it was costing taxpayers nearly £5 million a day. Although the hotel accommodation is supposed to be temporary, more than 300 people lived in hotel rooms for a year and almost 3000 for more how six months.

linton-on-Uz scheme suggested that men asylum seekers will be sent to the center while their applications are being processed. on website, with goal that is not one life on base for more how six months.

People will not be detained at the center and will be able to come and go freely despite the curfew and security measures. system – including CCTV cameras, security guards and patrols – were expected.

MP Kevin Hollinrake, who represents nearby Thirsk and Malton and supports Sunak. in leadership contest, said he welcomed the position of both candidates. He said, “That was never the right thing to do.

“It was a very troubling time. for in community. The people were torn apart by this with worry.”

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Although Sunak and Truss opposed plans for linton-on- Uz, both have publicly supported proposals to send some asylum seekers to Rwanda.

Sunak said he would push for the implementation of the Rwanda plan.”off land and operating on a scale” and hoped to form more Rwanda-style deals to expel UK asylum seekers.

Truss said she “decided to see Rwanda policy through full implementation, as well as the study of other countries where can we work on similar partnerships.

Candidates blamed by Amnesty International of “make promises and policy based on on nothing more than what is considered attractive to some conservatives party members.”

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