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Sudan Truce Slows Fighting, but Humanitarian Aid Remains Delayed

Khartoum was quieter on Saturday morning when the seven day ceasefire came reduce fight between two opponents military groups, although it has yet to deliver the promised humanitarian aid millions in a trap in capital.

Armistice signed on Monday by the two belligerents – the army of Sudan and paramilitaries group called Rapid Support Forces, designed to ensure safe passage for humanitarian aid and lead to broader talks sponsored by the United States and Saudi Arabia.

Witnesses on Saturday said Khartoum had calmed down, although sporadic clashes were reported overnight. Persian Gulf broadcaster Al Arabiya reports clashes in northwestern Khartoum and southern Omdurman, city next to the capital.

In a statement on On Saturday, the RSF blamed the army of violation of the ceasefire and the destruction of the country’s mint in en air strike. The army blamed the RSF on Friday of referring to the mint.

Meanwhile, the army announced that its call on Friday for army reserves were a partial mobilization and a constitutional measure, adding that the army expected a large number of people to respond to call.

The conflict that erupted on On April 15, at least 730 civilians were killed and caused 1.3 million Sudanese will leave their homes momentarily, either abroad or to safer places of a country.

Those who remain in Khartoum struggling with failures of services such as electricity, water and telephone networks. Marauders ransacked homes for the most part in Fine-off neighborhood.

On Saturday, the Sudanese police said they were expanding their deployment and also called in able retired officers help.

“Our area has become a war zone. Services stopped and chaos spread. in Khartoum,” said 52-year-old Ahmed Salih, resident of V city.

“No one worries help Sudanese people government not at the international level. We are the people where humanity?” He added.

Aid agencies say that despite the truce, they have struggled to obtain bureaucratic and security guarantees to transport aid and personnel. in safer parts of country to Khartoum and other hot zones. Warehouses have been looted.

The fight has also expanded into the fragile Darfur region most strongly influencing western city of El Geneina survived the onslaught of militia attacks, destroyed its infrastructure and killed hundreds.

This was belatedly reported by the government department to combat violence against women and children. on Friday he got the reports of 25 cases of rape of women and girls in Darfur and 24 reports of rape in Khartoum after the start of the conflict.

It stated that the victims described 43 of V men How wearing RSF uniform and either riding vehicles with RSF licenses or located in Areas controlled by the RSF.

“The unit expresses serious concern over reports of gang rape, kidnapping… and reports of women and girls facing sexual assault as they go out looking for food,” the statement said.

RSF denied reports that soldiers engaged in sexual harassment or robbery.

Reuters was unable to independently verify the unit’s claims.

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