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Substack clone: ​​Facebook launches its newsletter platform Bulletin

Facebook wants to offer journalists a platform with Bulletin to share their content monetize. (Photo: I AM NIKOM / Shutterstock)

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Facebook has launched its Substack competitor Bulletin . Authors can make newsletters, podcasts and more available via the platform.

E-mail has been around for 50 years and with it came the newsletters that want to provide us with more or less exciting and relevant information, but often purely a marketing tool are. With providers such as Substack or Patreon, the trend recently went more and more towards paid content from individuals who share their expertise and establish themselves as personal brands. Facebook wants to get involved.

Facebook launches bulletin

Facebook launched Bulletin on Tuesday, June 29, 2021. Journalists, authors and experts can share and monetize their articles, podcasts and live audio formats via the newsletter platform. To get started, Facebook brought 13 people on board who deal with very different subject areas and formats. Additional features are to follow in the course of the year; They are also working to ensure that creators can also promote their content on third-party platforms and collaborate with others, Facebook continues. For the time being, Bulletin is only available in the USA.

Creators receive their own standalone websites on Bulletin, which according to Facebook are also completely independent of the social network – an account should not be necessary there. However, because all payment transactions are processed via Facebook Pay, the account does come into play – Bulletin is supposed to be a separate platform with its own infrastructure, but which uses Facebook’s distribution mechanisms.

The bulletin creators can use individual websites to determine what features they want to offer their subscribers. (Image: Facebook)

Both in the choice of topics and in the offer Creators should be completely free of features – including comment functions, exclusive Facebook groups and paywalls. Using analytics tools, they can evaluate how the audience reacts to their content and what they want. Facebook does not charge a fee or share in the authors’ income at the start – but that can of course still change.

The Facebook Journalism Project becomes Bulletin

As early as January there were rumors and speculations that Facebook should work on a Substack alternative. Under the working title “Facebook Journalism Project”, journalists should initially be supported in sharing more serious news on the social network themselves.

The success of Substack, which also offers subscription models for creators, is said to have convinced Mark Zuckerberg to set up his own journalism platform. Bulletin will in future contain a mix of freely accessible and paid content.

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