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Submarines, not ships, could be in the Royal Navy future

A defense source said: “The conflict in Ukraine highlights that missile ranges and surveillance systems in space as well as on aviation is now such that even surface ships are still in harbor can be targeted and destroyed.

“Submarines can remain invisible to modern space-based on assets and long-range missiles and hypersonic [weapons].

“Although submarine detection capabilities are improving, their greater depth, range and deception plans keep them hidden out of nothing on earth, or in in sky or space.

“Britain and her allies still have a significant industrial and technical advantage. in bosom technology towards our adversaries, developed over decades of specialization in ability development and operations.

“Our integration of opportunities as well as our torpedo and sonar technologies fundamentally can be based on risk Any enemy nautical force and maybe pop up inside A2AD bubbles to hit surface targets in a way that there is no other assets can repeat.”

Liz Truss promises more cash for protection

Liz Truss, Minister of Foreign Affairs who Expected win The leadership of the Conservative party race promised to raise defense spending to three percent of GDP by 2030, giving the Department of Defense an additional £20bn.

BUT new document of the analytical center Rusi says income tax will need increase by 5 to hit Miss Truss’ pledge.

Professor Malcolm Chalmers, Associate director of RUSI warned that “the most likely source of financing for an increase in defense spending would be an increase in tax revenues”.

“If all cost of the increase in defense was to be funded in this way it will be equivalent to extra one percent of GDP by the end of decade,” he said.

“It is about 5 pence. added to all tariffs of income tax and, or, a 5p increase in in standard VAT rate”.

Mr Wallace said that any future defense spending commitments will depend on Exodus of in review but may include new submarines or underwater autonomous vehicles.

“Autonomy underwater is just as important as anywhere else,” he said.

“If suddenly something becomes very vulnerable or more vulnerable than it was, is there way deliver the same effect? maybe it’s just a matter of various weapon systems.

Mr. Wallace said “barriers to entry” such as A2AD systems “still require brains.” forward”.

“Autonomous submarines are still need communicate back they can’t think for themselves and are therefore vulnerable.

“How dangerous next generation of submarines be? What if they could launch surveillance payloads better special forced entry and support capabilities or suicidal drones?”

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