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“Stunning” Anglo-Saxon burial found on route GS2 | Archeology

Burial place of the Anglo-Saxons containing in remains of more than 140 people buried with a little of their most beloved items, including jewelry, knives and even a personal grooming kit, have been discovered by archaeologists working on Route HS2.

On a site near Wendover, Buckinghamshire, there was a “stunning set of discoveries,” said historian Dan Snow. “Traditionally, this period was considered the Dark Age. But archeology has filled in the gaps.”

The skeleton was found with an iron spearhead implanted in a thoracic vertebra. Photo: HS2/PA

Conclusions “will say us more about how our predecessors lived, fought and eventually died,” he said. “It one of in best and most revealing post-Roman sites in country.”

One skeleton, male aged 17 to 24. of death found with inserted a sharp iron object in his vertebrae, suggesting that he suffered a severe death. Osteologists who examined the skeleton, they believe that a weapon was stuck in his body body front before insertion in his spine.

bright blue spot on his collarbone came out of the brooch he was holding up clothes. A lot of of site skeletons were found with two clavicular brooches holding mantles or peplos – long outer clothes that are worn women – in place.

One female skeleton was found with A huge array of goods, including complete ornate pale green glass bowl It’s believed that made around the corner of fifth century, which indicates that she was human of high status. Another items found with her remains Includes rings, brooches, iron belt fittings and objects made of ivory.

There were 138 graves at this site. with 141 inhumation burials and five cremation burials, making it one of largest Anglo-Saxon burial grounds discovered in Britannia. More than 2,000 beads have been excavated. with 89 brooches, 40 buckles, 51 knives, 15 spearheads and seven shield bosses.

Dr. Rachel Wood, lead archaeologist for Fusion JV, the company behind out field work said it was “once upon a time in discovery of all life.

Dan Snow with point open in Excavations HS2
Dan Snow with point open in Excavations HS2. Photo: HS2/PA

“It is rare to find Anglo-Saxon cemeteries, especially with it’s a lot of personalities men, women as well as children – and amazing range of grave goods. Almost all people were buried with fantastically decorated brooches, but we also found glass and amber beads, swords, shield bosses, spearheads, intricately decorated pottery – quite a few of unique objects.

“The fifth and sixth centuries are not those which we know a lot about, and all the objects that we found can tell us a lot about it people. This gives us a great snapshot of society.”

Most of people appear to have been relatively wealthy, able to import some of in items from all over Europe. Two glass cones, which were found intact, must have been used to drink wine brought to England from abroad. The glasses are the same made in northern France, although some also made in England of that time.

The discoveries include personal care items such as earwax removers, toothpicks, tweezers, combs, and a tube that could contain cosmetics such as eyeliner.

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BUT team of 30 archaeologists worked on website for nearly year, completing field work in 2021. And also an Anglo-Saxon burial ground, evidence of Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age and Roman activity have been found.

Route HS2 turned out to be rich in archaeological finds. More than 1000 archaeologists worked. on 60 separate lots between London and the West Midlands. over in past three years.

The objects found will be preserved, and many of them will eventually be put on public display. in museums. But larger finds will be demolished by bulldozers. way for in new railway line.

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