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Study confirms AstraZeneca shot higher risk of very rare clot

PARIS: AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine has been linked to a 30-year percentage higher risk of getting a very rare blood clotting condition compared to a Pfizer shot, more international the study said Thursday.

Several countries have already changed their tips after the previous one research pointed out that – in tiny number of cases – thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS) may be possible side effect of vaccines against Covid-19, which use adenoviral vector or “engineered” virus, for example, from AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson.

Thrombocytopenia leads to the formation of potentially life-threatening blood clots. with low levels of platelets are small cell fragments in our blood that prevent bleeding.

new research published in BMJ magazine was first compare thrombocytopenia rates between adenovirus and mRNA vaccines such as Pfizer in several countries.

international research team health data analyzed more than 10 million adults in France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, UK and USA who received at least one vaccine doses between December 2020 and mid-2021

In Germany and the UK, they coincided with the data of 1.3 million people who was first dose of AstraZeneca to 2.1 million who took Pfizer.

Were total of 862 “thrombocytopenia events” recorded in 28 days after first dose of AstraZeneca vs 520 for Pfizer, the study says.

This meant that AstraZeneca’s vaccine was 30 percent effective.percent higher risk of thrombocytopenia than Pfizer.

However, when it came to second doses, there were no additional risk between any of vaccines.

The study was observational, meaning it could not show cause as well as effect. But the researchers said that additional analysis found in results be consistent.

Although these risks are very rare.”should be taken into account when planning future immunization campaigns and future vaccine development“, the study says.

“Safe and efficient”

Sarah Pitt, microbiologist at the University of Brighton, UK who did not participate in in research said “well-designed” study “adds to data showing that all vaccines are safe and effective.”

“Very rare” cases of thrombocytopenia after just 0.04 percent of vaccine doses in Germany and Britain, she told AFP.

Most countries It was already avoided using adenovirus covid-19 vaccine for senior and young age groups who are more at risk added.

European countries have largely turned to mRNA vaccines. The AstraZeneca jab was never sanctioned in USA, which has limited use of Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) Covid-19 shot to some individuals previously year

However, both AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines play key role in Kovax global a vaccine distribution scheme that provides doses to the underprivileged countries.

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