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Strengthening ties with Pakistan Priority: US Ambassador

ISLAMABAD: This was stated by the new US Ambassador to Pakistan, Donald Blom. on Ties Strengthening Tuesday with Pakistan was his “top priority” and that they wanted more American companies for investment in Pakistan.

“Strengthening ties is our top priority. We welcome US investment in stock market and we want more as well as more companies to come to Pakistan,” he said.

Blome expressed his opinion while visiting the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), where he struck the exchange’s gong to mark the start of in trading session.

The US Ambassador emphasized need for measures to “strengthen trade ties with Pakistan” and said that American companies make excellent products.

This was stated by the representative of the United States on when it was his first visit to Karachi and he was happy to visit PSX.

“It is mine first trip to karachi and i feel really good after coming here,” he said.

He added this is year will mean the end of 75 years old of relations between the US and Pakistan

PSX Chairman Shamshad Akhtar also spoke on occasion and said, “We must work together with developed countries and make a country progress”.

She said the US and Pakistan good trade connections since 1970.

The US envoy’s visit to PSX came after he signaled to Washington.ton’s intention move on away from the regime change controversy, which has its roots in in former prime minister Imran Khan’s claim of The United States organized his expulsion from government – by involving in strong two-way communication with countries government political parties and civil society.

Blome – first fulltemporary american envoy in Islamabad after break of almost four years – assumed responsibility of his appointment in Afghanistan is apparently not more dominant issue in bilateral relations after last year output of US troops from there at the end of twenty-year- the long war is the longest in American history.

Instead, anti-American sentiment escalated. in Pakistan after Imran’s accusations became the front line challenge for Washington in fulfillment of one’s foreign policy goals in Pakistan.

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