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Strange holding of hostages in Sweden, in the style of a movie by Adel Imam

A prisoner in Sweden, with an Arab name, seems to like the films of the famous Egyptian artist, Adel Imam, to the extent that he and another prisoner on Wednesday imitated his role in one of his films, so they held two prison guards hostage, and did not release them for 9 hours, until after The police fulfilled their request to get 20 pizza pies, just as Adel Imam from the security services got in the movie “Terror and Kebab” to his strange request as well, which consisted of sandwiches, grilled meat dishes and its accessories, which he distributed to those who were held hostage with him in the “Tahrir Complex” in Cairo.

As for the two hostages in the Swedish prison, the local media reported that the police said that the two inmates in the prison “on two counts of murder” broke into a guard’s section and barricaded themselves with them in one of its rooms, although the remote Hällbyanstalten prison is near The city of Eskilstuna, more than 100 kilometers from the capital Stockholm, is described as highly guarded, according to what Al-Arabiya.net reported, translating what an official in it told the Aftonbladet newspaper, which supplied it with news that his administration contacted the police, “so they sent a mediator who negotiated with the kidnappers and fulfilled their strange request,” so they were released, Neither of them was harmed.

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