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‘Straight to business’: what the newspapers wrote about the victory of Liz Truss | Liz Truss

Liz Truss Supremacy Has Begun with promises of bold plans deal with “bulging out” in-tray” of problems such as cost of life crisis, judging by the front pages of a lot of of Tuesday Newspapers.

With normal speech and visual effects from steps of No. 10 postponed to 24 hours due to the Queen’s “episodic mobility issues”, newspapers had to make do with with Truss smiles broadly after she defeated Rishi Sunak to capture the Tory crown and later became the fourth Briton. prime minister in six years.

Mail no complaints prime minister since Thatcher faced “tougher in-tray “. The heading “The hour is coming, a woman is coming …” on top of picture of Trass roars at the press cameras.

Tuesday @DailyMailUK #MailFrontPages rice.twitter.com/iCpXUIGo1y

— Daily Mail UK (@DailyMailUK) September 5, 2022


One or two of the documents already on first-name terms with in new prime minister. “Liz puts her foot on gas”, says in Sunas it gives some friendly familiarity on our new leader.

On the front page of tomorrow: Liz Truss will freeze electricity bills for homes and business in her first main act as new Prime Ministerhttps://t.co/EpKcShthHx rice.twitter.com/8PQ1WKcyU4

— Sun (@TheSun) September 5, 2022


Underground splash screen “Liz: I’ll deliver” and says she has a “bold plan” to fight cost of life crisis and the NHS.

Newspaper of tomorrow today 📰


🔴The next prime minister promises a “daring plan” on energy, taxes and the NHS#tomorrowpapertoday rice.twitter.com/SSt1YkvgIR

— Metro (@MetroUK) September 5, 2022


Guardian strikes more skeptical tone with this is main title that asks a question for new prime minister: “Truss wins, but can she avert the coming crisis?”.

Guardian front page, Tuesday 6 September 2022: Truss wins, but can she avert the coming crisis? rice.twitter.com/0XiT6b2PCx

— Guardian (@guardian) September 5, 2022


It is noted that she will pack her closet with loyalists i.e. no place for defeated Sunak. it also reports that the white man most likely will not be in four best great offices of state for in first ever with Truss herself, Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng, James Cleverley at the Foreign Office and Swella Braverman at the Home Office up vertex team.

“Straight to business” says in once‘ first page title above story predicting that Truss will freeze electricity bills above a certain level in to prevent “widespread deprivation and bankruptcies”.

Tuesday TIMES: “Straight to business” #TomorrowsPapersToday rice.twitter.com/J6VtSMgzQk

— Allie Hodgkins-Brown (@AllieHBNews) September 5, 2022


Financial Times reports that the protection people from high cost of energy will be very costly – Farm in £100bn energy plan.

Just published: front page of British edition of the Financial Times, Tuesday, September 6 https://t.co/Q3dPMTmMSH rice.twitter.com/UCWgmTmALZ

— Financial Times (@FinancialTimes) September 5, 2022


Telegraph seems to go on and says that bills may not go up for a little more years under the “vision” track for office”. “Electricity bills will be frozen until next elections”, it says while also making report on up front that Truss is persuaded to make Penny Mordaunt his second-in-command.

Main page of tomorrow’s Daily Telegraph:

“Electricity bills will be frozen until next elections’#TomorrowsPapersToday

Sign up for newsletter on homepagehttps://t.co/x8AV4Oomry rice.twitter.com/E0vXjy8YPg

— Telegraph (@Telegraph) September 5, 2022


To express calls us “Believe in Delivery farm for Britannia”.

Title page: Lay Faith in Delivery farm for Britannia @trussleez #TomorrowsPapersTodayhttps://t.co/Ecl2VpzCcr rice.twitter.com/1L08Mzux4r

— Daily Express (@Daily_Express) September 5, 2022


If this is rallying call sounds a little jaded after the turmoil of last years, Mirror is in without a doubt. “Same old Tories”, it’s says for installation of four tories prime ministers of in past decade to whom paper says “destroyed the economydestroyed our public Services, left millions the worst off”.

Tuesday front page: same old Tories#tomorrowpapertoday rice.twitter.com/42MO1tyPpz

— Mirror (@DailyMirror) September 5, 2022


Daily entry does not stop there and says it’s because Truss won in votes of only 50 Conservative MPs start of leadership elections, and less half of in votes of Tory members, she should “call general elections now.

On the front page of Tuesday’s Daily Record, Liz Truss wins the Tory leaderboard and prepares to become next British Prime Minister. #TomorrowsPapersToday #Pictures rice.twitter.com/ocIX46m0uZ

— Daily Record (@Daily_Record) September 5, 2022


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