Storms move via sister cities metro

tornado clock remains in effect for most of central Minnesota, including areas just west of Twin cities are like storms move through Minnesota.

The number of tornadoes has been greatly reduced since major storms blew up parts. of western Minnesota. The National Weather Service classified the watch as a “Special Situation” due to the tornado. risk.

Watch in effect until 22:00 on Monday. main threats from storms will be potential tornadoes, destructive winds with speed up up to 70 mph and hail over 2 inches.

Storms tore apart western Minnesota, leaving behind significant damage in process. While the majority of severe weather pushed north there line of storms moving west of twin cities subways.

Damage in Forada, Minnesota.

FOX 9 up to date of significant damage in western Minnesota, especially in in small city of Forada near Alexandria, Minnesota. Photos from Stormchasers show damage homes in a small The area near Maple Lake.

Douglas County Emergency manager says search and rescue work is underway in Forada, but they don’t have any reports yet of death or serious injury. There are many power blackouts in in area together with reports of power lines down.

FOX 9 tracks weather and will update as more information is available.

Damage elsewhere

FOX 9 also received reports of damage near Milan, Minnesota in Chippewa County. Photos taken by Janelle Strid show significant damage to the barn.

Stay safe with FOX 9 weather app

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Night and morning storms on Monday

At 2 a.m. tornado warnings piled up up along Minnesota-South Dakota when severe storms began firing up. Storms are being tracked off at UTC over well of in next 6 hours. This was reported by Tim Purington, who was chasing the FOX 9 storm. roof of his hotel in Sioux Falls, South Dakota was torn apart off strong winds.

3:30 am emergency manager in Renville County reported severe thunderstorms pushed grain onto Highway 212 near the Sacred Heart, blocking the roadway.

At 4 o’clock in the morning at 5 o’clock in the morning gusts of wind of From the Sauk Center to St. Cloud, the speed is reported to be 65 miles per hour. Then these storms rushed to Little Falls and the Sea, with gusts of wind of up to 70 mph as the storm moved northeast through Carlton, Douglas, Pine, and St. Louis counties.

Total rainfall

Take a look at total rainfall (inches) for Memorial Day until 8 am

  • Alexandria: 2.4
  • Grand Rapids: 1.93
  • Hibbing: 1.84
  • Kimball: 0.67
  • Mankato: 0.55
  • New Ulm: 0.50
  • Willmar: 0.47

Morning gusts of storm wind

And here are some recorded wind gusts during night and morning storms. in Minnesota.

  • Olivia: 84 mph
  • Sauk Center: 65 mph
  • St. Cloud: 65 mph
  • North Redwood: 61 mph
  • Rice: 60 mph

stay sky be aware while cleaning up damage

City after sunrise of Marshall in southwestern Minnesota reported trees and power lines down following a 70 mph tailwind. city reminded residents to stay weather be aware while cleaning up hurricane damage as there is another one risk of heavy storm on Monday afternoon.

Memorial Day camping is interrupted

Just outside of Hudson, Wisconsin, in Willow River State Park, lot of campers packed things up early avoid Any risk.

“Everything is made of metal and canvas, so you don’t know what can fall and break your things or what is really safe,” said one camper. “I do not even know where are shelters or are there shelters in this is area.”

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While the opportunity of severe storms on Sunday night decreased towards the end of day, risk of tornado on Monday sent a lot of packaging.

“That’s not a lot of deal breaker,” another tourist said. — Tornado is a little worse than just rain.”



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