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Storm warning issued for Sioux Falls neighborhood region

Eastern South Dakota is under gun for serious weather this night. stay with argusleader.com for frequent updates.

Heavy thunderstorm warning published for Sioux Falls, Brandon, Madison

Update 16:40: “Life-threatening” severe thunderstorm warning was issued for Sioux Falls and surroundings areaNational Weather Service reports.

warning according to the NWS, will last until 17:30.

The wind is expected to up up to 80 mph and penny sized hail possible, according to NWS. Tornado is also possible during this time.

in area are Sioux Falls, Brandon, Dell Rapids, Harrisburg, Wakonda, Kanistota and Madison, according to warning.

Severe thunderstorm warning issued for eastern South Dakota with winds up up to 105: SZS

Update: 16:15: Severe Thunderstorm ‘Special Warning’ Declared for southeastern South Dakota and parts of western Iowa and Minnesota until 10:00 pm

gusts of wind up up to 105 mph possible with potential damage from scattered hail up up to two inches in size and pair possible tornado.

In an alert, the NWS stated that this is a particularly dangerous situation. language it is not infrequently used for hours with a strong thunderstorm.

“Pockets of significant wind damage is highly likely, and with potential for big hail and possible one or two tornadoes built in line,” the NWS said in a statement. in watch release.

Hours include cities in South Dakota. of Mitchell, Madison, Sioux Falls, Yankton and Vermillion.

Tornado watch released for Brookings, Aberdeen & Pierre: NWS

Update: 16:00: The tornado watch was released before 10:00 pm. for parts of central and northern South Dakota, according to NWS.

Aberdeen, Brookings, Pierre and Watertown are all under tornado watch, according to the NWS. A pair of strong tornadoes possible along with scattered hail up to size of tennis ball.

Wind gusts expected up up to 90 mph, according to the NWS.

North Dakota weather updates from twitter

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Eastern South Dakota rises to ‘moderate’ risk’

Update 15:00: National Weather Service updated convective forecast for serious weather in Sioux Falls region on Thursday.

there is currently moderate risk of severe weather, according to the NWS.

Strong hail and wind in southeast South Dakota in excess of 80 mph main risks, with tornado possible in central and northeastern part of state.

Serious weather set for South Dakota today

region is an set for Another round of serious weather Thursday afternoon and evening.

The day will be start with above average temperature with NWS in Sioux Falls forecast cityx maximum heat index be in 90s, coming record high set in 1907

Later tonight, the NWS predicts “moderate” temperatures. risk of serious weather for parts of eastern South Dakota, which ranks fourth on five-point scale of serious weather risks.

Biting wind, heavy hail and even a tornado or two possible, with more tornado threat in northeast South Dakota.

What is the forecast for South Dakota today?

Scattered thunderstorms may develop in central South Dakota and Nebraska in the late afternoon, according to the NWS.

The storms will form into a line as they approach the Interstate 29 corridor by early evening. Threats with The strongest storms will include very heavy hail and damaging winds, according to the NWS.

A flash flood is expected due to recent and expected heavy rains. possible in some areas. Several tornadoes and high temperatures nearby record values ​​and heat index values in 90s this afternoon also possible, according to NWS.

Winds may be in excess of 80 mph with storms, NWS says.

When could severe weather start?

Chronology for serious weather risks in Sioux Falls and surrounding areas are open from 4:00 pm Thursday to 01:00 am Friday, according to the NWS. main risk for serious weather will be from 17:00 to 23:00 Thursday in eastern South Dakota.

Up to 2 inches of rain possible in Sioux Falls and its environs.

Take a look at the forecast for days ahead in Sioux Falls, according to the NWS:

Thursday evening: souls and thunderstorms, mostly until 1:00 Friday. Some of storms can be strong. Low about 54. Fresh, with southern southwest wind 15-20 m/s, subsiding to 10-15 m/s in evening. Wind gusts can reach 35 m/s. Chance of precipitation 80%. The amount of new precipitation between quarter and half of inch possible.

Friday: Solar, with high about 76. West southwest wind 10 to 15 mph, with gusts up to 25 m/s.

Friday evening: Mostly clear, with low around 51. West wind 5 to 10 mph turns southerly after midnight.

Saturday: Mostly sunny with high about 76. South-southwest wind from 5 to 10 miles per hour, turning into a west-northwest in afternoon.

Saturday night: Small chance of shower and thunderstorms after 1 am Sunday. Partly cloudy, with low around 49. North wind 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rainfall 20%.

Sunday: Solar, with tall about 74.

Sunday night: Mostly clear, with low around 48.

Monday: Solar, with tall about 74.

Monday night: BUT chance of shower and thunderstorms after 01:00 on Tuesday. Partly cloudy, with low around 50. Chance of rainfall 30%.

Tuesday: Partly sunny, with tall about 72.

Tuesday evening: BUT chance of shower and thunderstorms. Partly cloudy, with low around 53. Chance of rainfall 30%.

Wednesday: BUT chance of shower and thunderstorms. Partly sunny, with maximum around 73. Chance of rainfall 30%.

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