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Stop the shame of the poppy says armed forces minister

“I don’t mind. Some people treat colorful poppies as different political spin on what kind should be a completely apolitical moment,” he said.

“I just I think that millions of people gave their lives in service of our country so that we have the freedom to make these types of of political choice.”

Mr. Hippie called people to pause in memory of the dead British at the ceremonies at the war memorials at 11 a.m. on Friday on Armistice Day and on Remembrance Sunday.

“For those two minutes that follow a little people can take pictures of friends colleagues, family members they lost due to military service. And you naturally think about them,” he said.

“But even if it’s not for you, there is another thing just to pause and think on Sunday when we do it as a nation right now there is people in grave danger on on behalf of of our country.

“Just be thankful you’re brave men as well as women willing to do mean, dangerous things on on our behalf, so that we can sleep peacefully, so that give us freedom of choice whether to wear a poppy or not.”

hippie back international role for Boris Johnson

Mr. Hippie said that during the wake he often thought about his service. in Afghanistan with Rifles. “Horn Major of 2 rifles were just the most incredible musician,” he said.

“And he would blow up the Last Post” in this is the most haunting way. And you could almost hear it of drifting off through the Helmand Valley and sort of bounce back off hills.”

At war in Ukraine, Mr. Hippie said he backed international role for mr johnson in helping rebuild country infrastructure.

He said: “I can imagine that President Zelensky want Boris to be global advocate for Ukraine. [President] Zelensky and Boris are really very close. This benefits the UK.

“It would be good for United Kingdom for Boris be in of such kind of global envoy role encouraging states not to just to do things that are fatal, but also to recover.”

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