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Sting pays tribute to his tour manager Billy Francis

Sting has posted a touching tribute to his tour manager Billy Francis, who has actually died after a fight with cancer.

Sting dealt with Billy for 40 years, going back to his days in The Authorities. He states that he has actually invested more time with Billy than with his spouse and kids.

Here is what Sting had to state:


We have actually been good friends now for over 4 years, and I might have invested more time with you than I have actually invested with my spouse or my kids, actually thousands upon countless gigs, travelling from city to city, nation to nation, and enough long run flights throughout the world to reach to the moon and back.

It was you, the tour manager, who got all of us there securely. We never ever missed out on a gig, constantly on phase immediately at whatever time we were promoted, 2 hours on phase, into the van and on to the hotel for a beverage in a night and the bar’s sleep, and after that up early the next early morning for another round and yet another location. This has actually been our life for over forty years.

You’re a big male billy, that constantly assisted, with that unique white head of your’s leading us through the turmoil of airports and train stations like a straggling line of ducks chasing their mom.

None people were ever late, we didn’t attempt to be late, we understood you ‘d leave us stranded there if we were to fall behind. Undoubtedly you would not leave me, however even me, the de facto boss, hesitated to take the danger.
You’re a difficult male Billy Francis, however you never ever raised your voice or your fists to command regard, you didn’t have to.
That’s the discipline of an army, and we were like an army, a tight little band of guérrillas, no excess luggage, no fat, no puffed up entourage of camp followers, simply the bare minimum of personnel, no frills. These were your guidelines, and we gratefully accepted them.

It has to be stated however, that this strength was constantly leavened by a subtle sense of humour that might in truth drift towards the wicked at times, and the stories of your ‘lessons’ ended up being the things of legend, innovative, head-shakingly and salutary funny.

So now we are following you once again, to a brand-new location. A location none people have actually gone to previously, your loyal ducklings when again lined up behind you. As constantly you’re up there ahead of us handling ground personnel, emigration rules, custom-mades, dealing with representatives, however this time without any luggage, not for this one. No more weighing or carrying of heavy cases, just the passport that states a life lived, a life lived to the full, of pleasures, of unhappiness, successes, the odd failure however all of them acknowledged with that undaunted discipline of yours, which imperturbable humour.

As ever we are viewing, finding out and viewing, for our own exits will follow yours as undoubtedly as night follows day, you’re simply a little additional down the line than we are. I’m viewing you now, drinking in your guts to strengthen myself for the journey that I too should take.

I could not have had a much better instructor, big bro, protector, coach, confidente, or buddy for life than you my buddy. I like you, I’m exceptionally pleased with you and the relationship we have actually created together throughout the years.

Know this, I’ll be with you up until kingdom come, up until that excellent cosmic gig in the sky, the gig to end all gigs.

How the Hell did we get here? … we’ll ask. Billy got us here, nobody else might have done it.


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