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Stephen Colbert attacks CBS – his own network – over the hiring of Mick Mulvaney

This Week CBS News announced she hired Mick Mulvaney, who served as budget director and chief of staff under former President Trump as his new contributor.

“Recently my network got a lot of criticism – a lot of on my own – because CBS News hired an ex-president former main of hire Mick Mulvaney to “provide policy analysis around the world”. network broadcasts and platforms,” Mulvaney explained. network-mate, Stephen Colbert, on Thursday evening late show.

The night master then stared directly in camera and exclaimed: “What the hell?!”

Many objected to Mulvaney’s pleasant performance on CBS News, given that during his tenure in the Trump administration, Mulvaney proudly admitted that Trump in one good turn deserves another with President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky over Biden family dirt; called COVID-19 media “prank of day” in February 2020 despite congressional briefing on his perils a month before; dropped hundreds of thousands of dollars in supply in March 2020 when Trump spoke to Americans economy It was in great shape and COVID didn’t represent big of a threat; and wrote Wall Street Journal column promises that should If Trump loses the 2020 election, he will concede gracefully.

“I, for one can’t wait for Mulvaney’s sharp and objective political analysis,” Colbert joked, adding of in former official’s dire predictions: “Is Mick Mulvaney a psychic? Take this man to Vegas! He’s Nostra the dumbass!

Colbert continued: “So obviously I just joke, but why would the venerable Tiffany network news division put this cowardly sycophant to a tyrant on their payroll?”

According to part in Washington Posta senior CBS News executive said they hired Mulvaney “to make sure what do we get access round trip of pass…because we know The Republicans are going to take over, most likely in intermediate periods.

“That’s it! They don’t just reporting news more, they predict it now!” Colbert blurted out. “And reworking our program in hope of cosy up GOP so get ready for our new Spring lineup: Young QShaman, Bob restricts reproductive rights of Abisholaas well as… blue blood“.


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