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Starmer fails to electrify Commons after notes from bum prime minister disabled | John Crace

Ithat was all set up for a crushing triumph for the Labor Party. Drama Starmer. first prime minister questions since Boris Johnson was left seriously wounded after 148 of his own deputies are gone against his in a confidence vote.

Time of extreme weakness, when the weak grip of the Condemned on his party can be severely exposed. And one could feel that the case went to Johnson.

standing behind in the speaker’s chair before the PMQ, he looked unusually nervous, shifting absently from foot to foot, ruffling his toddler haircut. Man desperately wants to be anywhere but here in the House of Commons.

There were applause from his own side How is he took his place on front bench, although they sounded strained and unconvincing. Tori party Is not it good in unity and studying hard way how it’s hard to fake it to do it.

Loud cheers came from the benches of the opposition. They feel like in last they have johnson exactly where they are want his. The leader of the “lame duck”, who is not trusted and disliked by a tired country of constant flow of lies and broken promises. Janus-faced the joker, whose act was noticed. Whose punishment is to keep failing even better.

Angela Eagle of the Labor Party up nicely for her leader. Now we knew just how hated the condemned. And it was just within his own party. If 148 of his own deputies no longer trusted him, why should anyone more? Johnson forcefully opened his bloodshot eyes and stormed.

He had a long political career, he said, before he recovered. Just in case anyone might think it means he was washed up. “In fact, I’ve barely begun. A few of his own deputies gulped at this. The only one way a lot of of they can tolerate Johnson staying in office lies in the fact that he adheres to the idea that his tenure in office is strictly limited in time, that sometime before next elections, it will automatically self-destruct.

But Johnson really believes in it. He imagines himself one of immortal. ultimate political werewolf. Exceptional. His current spelling in Number 10 may be coming to an end in in next year or so, but nothing stops him from reinventing himself.

So you are not like his first incarnation as prime minister? Don’t bother. He can easily give you are different one. He will be anyone want him to be. There is no principle or person to whom he is attached. As with all true daffodils, his only loyalty is to himself.

The convict went on. The only one reason he had so many political enemies because he has achieved so much. The fact he wouldn’t rest until his whole party turned around against him, because that would mean he was a resounding success.

It was really crazy stuff. Variety of thinking that becomes normal people partitioned for their own benefit. Truly, we are blessed to have a leader so out of touch with real world. He is hated for doing so little, not for doing so much. For almost three years, he achieved almost nothing. Except how to go to some parties. And lies about them.

Was here prime minister disabled. Dismantled ruins. Just spouting any old nonsense that comes to mind. Offers started but not completed. Arrogance of human who considers himself one of the best minds of his generation is exposed as imbecile.

All Keir Starmer had to do was step in and deliver a blow to degrace. Laugh at the tory benches for they had a cross made for themselves. Now they have tied themselves to Johnson, mainly because the gene pool of talent was so dried up that not one had the IQ to imagine another leader and were doomed to be dragged down with his. The convict was theirs problem. Only them.

And yet somehow – even when presented with the most open of Goals – Starmer still managed to miss. He looked and sounded distracted. Pause longer than in the old test in Representative As if his thoughts were somewhere else.

it made one I wonder if he didn’t just heard unwanted news from Durham Police. It would be ultimate ironically, the aftermath of Partygate was that Starmer lost his job. Although you feel that some Labor MPs may not be completely alarmed. They are long for leader with a little of edge. Who can sprinkle the donkey work with star dust.

Starmer made several references to the weakened state of the Condemned before moving on in the NHS. Here he was on firmer ground, though his inquiries were still somewhat lackluster. Almost as if he wanted do sure that Johnson didn’t suffer too much. What was he more valuable to work while in office. If so, then Starmer more smarter than it looks.

Where are the 48 hospitals promised by Johnson? You would lucky find at least one emergency department that has been repainted. People were dying waiting for cancer treatment. Where were the doctors?

What about Netflix NHS? Did this mean that Transplant TV with open heart surgery on payment view? Or the Deathwatch – Sajid Javid’s answer to the Spring Watch – in that you could gamble on in first man to die in geriatric department?

Then came Nadine Dorris’s confession that the health service was completely unprepared. for pandemic. culture secretary became very excitable when her name was mentioned and tried to first screaming that she never tweeted Jeremy Hunt and then maybe she did, but she didn’t want it to be taken so seriously as all she really is wanted should have let Boris go know how she loved him very much. “Everything I do, I do for you.”

Johnson was silent when Starmer said of the person whose mother died waiting for ambulance, but he really wasn’t that worried. What did the stranger do death need to do with his? Instead he started talking on about how Good economy did. It would be economy what the OECD down how second the slowest in G20. Second only to Russia. upper news all round.

The longer the PMQs went on, more the Convict became uplifted. Like he knew he dodged a bullet and he was determined enjoy what moments did he have left. He must have been like it’s in the Oxford Union. Arrogant, out of touch, unbearable. He waved his hands dismissively at questions he didn’t ask. like as well as just made promises he never intended to keep to his back benches.

Meanwhile Johnson just dragging along on. lost world. Lost for your party. Lost to myself. So we won on the boats against in currentborn back continuously in past.

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