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Stand with nation, justice and country’, not thieves, Imran says to the neutrals – Pakistan

PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Saturday called on “Neutrals” term he uses for in military institution – stand with nation, justice and Pakistan, instead of “thieves” meaning government leaders.

The head of PTI addressed party rally in F-9 Park in Islamabad (Fatima Jinnah Park) in solidarity with armed party leader Shahbaz Gill and record protest against in government.

“I ask and want tell the neutrals [that] it’s a question of country. It is very important for you stand with nation, justice and Pakistan and not these thieves (government leaders),” Imran told the crowd.

Imran said that wanted ask the neutrals if they are really neutral.

He claimed that whenever police officers were questioned about current injustice, they declared that they were not guilty and received an “order from behind”.

“When I asked the Islamabad police, tell me what you did [to Shahbaz Gill]’, I was told that we did nothing, we got a boot from behind [to follow orders]’.

Similarly, Imran argued that when it was time to file cases and register cases, against Deputy Inspector Lahore general (DIG THE GROUND) of police and capital city police officer for their treatment of PTI employees on May 25″, so our people there [in the Punjab government] got scared and said: “We have a phone [calls] Don’t touch them from there.”

PTI for filing cases against Islamabad IG, DIG

Imran began his address by stating that “terror spread among people make them slaves,” adding that what happened with Gill was not because of what has he said since then coalition leaders in in government “talked a lot more than something to really hurt the army.”

Imran claimed Gill was “caught and tortured” to send a message and scare people what if it could be broken mentally then anyone could.

former prime minister said it was a “decisive” and “very important” time for nation, adding that if a nation is shy before “this idol of fear,” that would mean slavery.

Imran said he called a rally 24 hours in advance to emphasize how Jill was treated and also imposed restrictions on ARI.

“They are shut down most popular channel ARI. Not because it made any mistake, they closed it, because it showed truth and delivering my message and people a message to public.

“And then other channels were threatened that if you also be closed down as well as made suffer losses if you don’t fall in line,” said the PTI chairman.

Criticism of the treatment out Gillu Imran said he was “tortured… as if big the traitor of the country has been caught.” Addressing the Islamabad Inspector general of police and DIG, he said: “We won’t pity you, we will file cases against you.”

He also called out Additional District and Sessions Judge Zeba Chaudhry, who on Wednesday approved Gill’s two-day physical detention upon request. of Metropolitan Police, and said that she too should get ready by adding that action also persecuted against her and all three should be disgraced.”

Imran also called out absence of any action against Pakistan Democratic Movement chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman or Defense Minister Khawaja Asif for them past Comments.

He said if the case could be registered against Gill, then PTI was also going to file against “everyone”, including PML-N supreme leader Nawaz Sharif, Rehman and Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah.

“What did they do with Gill, they mocked rule of law and tore it to shreds.

Imran said party was about to go to the Supreme Court and said the nation was looking to him to support rule of law and constitution.

Appeal to the topic of tomorrow’s rally in Rawalpindi, he said he was giving the nation a road map and would “permanently in Streets of Pakistan with nation”.

He said he would prepare everyone not to give up in in face of fear.

The PTI chairman previously made it to the F-9 fleet after leading the rally itself from Zero Point.

party also shared frames and photos from the rallies out in other cities such as Liberty Chowk in Lahore and Faisalabad.

PTI Senator Faisal Javed Khan said it would be a peaceful protest against treatment of Gilla by the authorities, as well as the restrictions imposed on Ari broadcast, adding that Imran’s speech will be shown at other rallies across the country.

partyx official Twitter account also general frames of incoming supporters for rally.

Gill controversy

Gill was arrested on August 9 in connection with case registered against his for alleged sedition among the armed forces. Footage broadcast on television a day ago showed that he was brought to trial in wheelchair, where he seemed to be wheezing loudly and pleading with officials give him his mask.

The Islamabad District and Sessions Court ordered the Metropolitan Police to transfer Gill to the Pakistan Institute. of medical sciences again for another medical examination.

Imran went there to inquire about the health of the detainee, Gill, but was unable to do so as he was reportedly stopped by the police. Unable to meet with Gill, the head of PTI stopped to say briefly: with reporters. dressed up in he had black announced what will he take out rally in Islamabad on Saturday evening in support of a prisoner party leader and encouraged people turn out in big numbers.

Imran said that the rally also organize at all divisional headquarters of in party across the country.

However, the Islamabad administration said that PTI would not be allowed to hold the rally. in federal capital and added that Section 144 was in force in in city. However, PTI refused to comply with directives and party leader Fawad Chaudhry said the rally would proceed as planned.

Earlier today, speaking at a press conference in Rawalpindi, head of the Awami Muslim League, Sheikh Rashid, said section 144 had been introduced in Islamabad, in order to prevent the rally, would have been broken into “144 parts” if Imran had ordered so.

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