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Squid Game, Stranger Things & Co: These are the most successful Netflix series

The streaming service gives an insight into the most successful series starts – there are repeat offenders. (Photo: Shutterstock / Nicolas Maderna)
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Netflix plans to We recently announced which series got off to a particularly steep start – here comes the ranking.

Which series produced by Netflix have so far also attracted particularly high international interest when they were released, the group announced a few weeks earlier on d he betrayed the code conference. We have summarized the top ten rankings for you.

Netflix in-house productions: The most successful series starts so far

Overall, CCO Ted Sarandos presented two different approaches to the streaming platform at the start of series.

On the one hand, Netflix evaluates the number of entries that have accessed a production within 28 days of publication. The company is not concerned with whether the audience has then watched the series in question in full; all accounts are counted that have stayed there for at least two minutes after being switched on. This method should also have been used to calculate the first odds for Squid Game.

The second variant is actually about which series were able to collect the most streaming hours in the first 28 days after their release - here It should be noted, however, that the series often differ in terms of the number and length of episodes. The list of the top ten is therefore completely different for some placements. We have considered both categories for you. How many hours Squid Game has already been streamed is not known, so it is currently hidden which place the series would occupy in the ranking according to the second evaluation method.

10. Sweet Tooth, Season 1 / Ginny & Georgia, Season 1

Around 60 million accounts accessed the DC fantasy adventure "Sweet Tooth" in the first few weeks after the release. In terms of the hours streamed, however, another production ranks 10th: "Ginny & Georgia" tells the stories of a mother-daughter team in dramedy format and collected 381 million streaming hours over the first 28 days.

Place 9: The Queen's Gambit / House of Money, part 3

62 million different accounts were interested in the historical chess drama "The Queen's Gambit", which was produced as a miniseries. The third part of the hype series "House of Money", on the other hand, occupies 9th place in the watchtime ranking with 426 million hours.

Place 8: Tiger King, Season 1 / Stranger Things, Season 2

recorded 64 million hits according to Netflix, the bizarre and sometimes disturbing documentary ntar series "Tiger King". It started in March 2020 and represented the machinations of the self-proclaimed "Tiger King" and private zoo owner Joe Exotic.
In the watchtime ranking, eighth place is claimed by the science fiction mystery series "Stranger Things". Season 2 of the multiple Emmy award-winning production brought Netflix 427 million streaming hours in the first four weeks after the release.

Place 7: House of Money, Part 4 / You, Season 2

Two different types of gloomy can be found on place seven of the two rankings: the fourth part of "House of Money" received 65 million hits when it started in spring 2020, and the second season of the thriller series "You - You will love me" was watched for 457 million hours at the start.

6th place: Stranger Things, Season 3/13 Reasons Why , Season 1

"Stranger Things" is a the Series which not only takes up one place in our list: Rank 6 in the view rating comes from 67 million hits after the publication of the third season. And “13 Reasons Why”, which is known in German as “Tote Mädchen nicht lie”, is mentioned here for the first time, but not for the last time in the list: The first season collected in the first few weeks after its premiere 476 million streaming hours.

5th place: Sex / Life, Season 1/13 Reasons Why, Season 2

The first season of the relationship -Drama series Sex / Life moved around 67 million Netflix customers when it started in 2021: at least one click inside. This puts the series on par with "Stranger Things" Season 3 in 6th place.
In the streaming hours, "Dead Girls Don't Lie" occupies another place in the ranking, this time with the start of season 2 and 496 million hours.

4th place: The Witcher, Season 1

The first season of the fantasy series "The Witcher" brought Netflix around 76 million clicks at the start of 2019. But that's not all: It is also in fourth place for the total hours booked with 542 million.

Netflix series with a success factor: These are the top 3

3rd place: Lupine, Season 1 / Stranger Things, Season 3

So far unchallenged in first place is the hi stormed romance "Bridgerton" is now in second place: When it was first released, the series recorded 82 million hits.
There is a reunion in second place of the streaming hours with "House of Money" - the fourth part of the production took in its viewers: in the first four weeks after the start a total of 619 million Hours to complete.

1st place: Squid Game / Bridgerton, Season 1

111 million: "Squid Game" now leads the ranking of hits after the start of the season with a vertical start. The previous access champion "Bridgerton" can at least currently claim the title in the streaming hours with 625 million for himself - that is not yet available for Squid Game.

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