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Spotify meets Shopify: Sell merchandise directly via the streaming app

Many bands also generate sales with merchandising products. (Photo: dimitris_k / Shutterstock.com)
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Musicians: can now offer records, t-shirts, sweaters or other merchandising products directly on Spotify. To this end, the streaming provider is cooperating with the e-commerce service provider Shopify.

2020 was a difficult year for the music industry. It is true that sales in the streaming sector rose by a good fifth, but at the same time sales of physical sound carriers also fell in times of closed stores. In addition, the musicians lost income in the corona year through live concerts and thus also through the sale of tour merchandise. While more concerts can slowly take place again, Spotify is now also opening up for the sale of t-shirts, sweaters and other products with band logos.

Musicians: Although such merchandising products have been able to offer such merchandising products via the provider Mechbar in Spotify since 2016, they should now also offer their own Integrate online shop via Shopify en. Anyone using the Canadian shopping solution can now connect it to their own artist account on Spotify and then offer three selected products for sale in the streaming app. In addition to clothing, records or CDs, for example, would also be conceivable. Additional costs should not arise for the musicians.

German musicians can use the new function to sell merchandise – but only abroad

Although local artists can already integrate their products via Shopify on Spotify, their German fans cannot buy the merchandise for the time being. The fan shops created with the new function are currently only shown to Spotify users from the USA, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand. When exactly German fans would be able to support their favorite musicians in this way, we could not yet be told when we asked. For the time being, only musicians will benefit from this function:

Also note: If you want to offer products via the Shopify integration in Spotify, you must accept the merchandise guidelines of the streaming provider. For example, they explicitly prohibit the sale of products that speak out for or against political organizations or laws. This may be a problem for one or the other politically active band.

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