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Sports facilities add color special childrenle lives

KARACHI: Using her feet, Anita Sanam, a student of class 11 in a school for children with special needs in Karachi, is seen kicking, dribbling and maneuvering the football like a ace player.

Even if she wanted to become a professional footballer, there were no facilities available pursue his dreams until a year ago, when the state of Turkey-run humanitarian agency, Turkish Agency for Cooperation and Coordination (TIKA), set up two separate football And cricket reasons designed for disabled children at his school.

The cricket training camps ea football stadium inaugurated by president Arif Alvi in October last year I’m designed for hearing and visually impaired children at the Ida Rieu school for Blind and deaf in Karachi.

Speaking with the Anadolu agency, Sanam said he plays football with his friends and hopes to represent the national team soon.

“Life was so boring before, mostly for students like myself who live in the hostel. We had no recreational facilities pass our time before the establishment of the football earth, “he said.

To describe football as his longtime passion, he said students did play in the corridors of the hostel but he wasn’t sure because he injured a couple of times.

“Life has changed for us. We have too much fun these days because we have an adequate structure to pursue our dreams, “he said with a smile on his face.

Sami Zain, another blind person student of grade 10, who it’s a big cricket fans, aim for join Pakistan is blind cricket team.

“We did not have adequate training facilities (here) before the establishment of the cricket earth, “said Zain, who previously, together with his classmates would play cricket in the garden of his school.

Speaking with the Anadolu agency, he said the sports the facilities have not only provided the hearing impaired and visually impaired students with adequate training opportunities, but also improved their mobility.

TIKA has also set up a music classroom and library at the Kiran Foundation Government School 00 a regular Institute of Education, in Lyari city of Karachi.

Established in July 2020, the music and the structures of the library have brought about a change in the atmosphere of the school, according to students and teachers.

Aisha Shakeel, a class-9 student said she didn’t know anything music tools before setting up the music classroom of his school.

“It (music) brought color into my life. It releases stress and depression and makes me feel relaxed after a hectic day at school, “she told the Anadolu agency.

“Now, I’ve become addicted to mine music classes and tools “.

She added that the new the library is “refreshing”, “clean” and “well lit”, which it has changed the otherwise “boring” periods of the library.

According to her, the old library was not “well-equipped” in terms of book collection and seating arrangement.

TIKA operations in Pakistan

Ibrahim Katirci, TIKA’s Karachi coordinator, said the Turkish agency carried out 31 relief projects related to health, education, sports etc. over the past three years in the less-developed the areas of provinces of southern Sindh and southwestern Balochistan.

“During this time, TİKA touched lives of more of 3.2 million people”, Katirci told the Anadolu agency.

The projects went away on say, they were executed in cooperation with “known” governmental and non-governmental partners.

Speaking of the area of interest, Katirci said Ankara gives special importance for vocational training and skilla based learning programs in all of Pakistan.

Quoting the decades issue of scarcity of water in Sindh, he said it with the establishment of 7 RO Water Filtration Plant, TİKA Provides Clean Drinking Water a more of 2 million people a month in Karachi and Hyderabad.

Established in 1992, the agency implemented humanitarian services and development all projects over the world through its 62 program coordination offices.

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