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Spider crabs swarm on the beach… just when the locals thought it was safe to go back in water

However, a few daredevils dared to dive above them.

Kate Lowe, marine photographer, captured event with her camera. She said: “Most of all I do snorkeling. of time throughout the year but I never saw spider crabs in such numbers.

“When we applied up there seemed to be a lot on the beach of dark rocks below the surface. But it turned out out that there were thousands of crabs just two or three steps in water.”

She is added: “It was just really incredible. They were only knee-deep. i was able to swim on water over them and tried not to step on them.

“A lot of of tourists squealed at the sight of them.”

It is believed that the mass meeting help crabs defend themselves from predators while they wait for them new exoskeletons for thickening and tightening up.

Climate change makes mass gatherings common

Though it’s not unusual to see them in British waters, mass gatherings like this one become more common in summer because of rising sea ​​temperatures from climate change.

Crabs migrate, and one day they new the shells are hard enough, they will disperse and disappear into the depths of up up to 300 feet, leaving Cornish beaches quiet and claw-free.

European spider crabs are much smaller than their famous giant Japanese cousins. with their carapace reaches about eight inches in width and measurement from claw to claw of 20 inches.

Crustaceans common in Mediterranean Sea and can migrate up up to 100 miles over well of eight months.

Last Thursday was bitten by a diver on foot of a blue shark while swimming. Company behind the tour stated that such incidents were “extremely rare”.

crabs are not first plague will hit the shores of Cornwall this summer. Last month, the Cornish Wildlife Trust reported hundreds of octopuses swarming the seas of the county and devouring lobsters.

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