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SpiceJet has asked to cut flights in half for safety, says it won’t affect operations

eight accidents of airline safety Reported in Command of 18 days.

New Delhi:

Budget airline SpiceJet has been ordered today to operate at only 50 percent capacity of its flights for Eight weeks by flight regulator in An unprecedented crackdown after an unusually large number of safety Accidents involving the airline. SpiceJet said this would have no effect on its flights in Lean travel season will not be canceled and no flights will be cancelled.

“in view of the findings of various Inspections, inspections and reply to me show cause Notice provided by SpiceJet, for continuation of sustenance of Safe and reliable air Transportation service, number of Departure of SpiceJet is 50% off of the number of Leave approved… for a period of Eight weeks,” said the general manager of Civil Aviation (DGCA) in Command.

During these eight weeks, the airline will be subject to “enhanced monitoring” by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

This may be the strictest procedure for any airline faced in Recently times.

“Any increase in the number of Departures in excess of 50 percent will “be subject to airline showing” to their satisfaction of DGCA that it has enough technical support And the financial The resources necessary to carry out this enhanced capacity safely and efficiently,” the order said.

The organizer said SpiceJet “failed To create a safe, efficient and reliable system air Transportation service.” The airline takes measures to arrest Direction, take note, but he needs to continue his efforts for Safe and reliable air transportation service.

SpiceJet said in its response that there will be no flight cancellations due to of Arranging because the flights have already Reworked in Lean travel season.

“we in receipt of DGCA command and will operate as directed of regulator. Because of current Lean travel season, SpiceJet like Other airlines was already It rescheduled its air operations. Thus, there will be no effect at all on Our flight operations. we want To assure our passengers and travel partners that our flights will operate accordingly schedule in the coming days and weeks. There will be no flight cancellations as a result of “This request,” the airline’s statement said.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation notes that SpiceJet is taking measures for trend capture of Incidents are very encouraging and we will continue to do so work under close guidance of organizer.”

The government SpiceJet warned after eight accidents of airline safety Reported in Command of 18 days.

in one Plane flying from Kandla in Gujarat made Landing priority in Mumbai after its windshield developed mid-crackair.

There were separate cases of smoking in cabin, malfunction indicator light and bird hit Among other things.

The airline put yesterday out Tweet denying any safety violations.

“India’s most preferred airline is as safe and reliable as ever for The last 17 years. The aviation regulator DGCA has audited our entire operational fleet and each aircraft has been awarded the green color signal To fly and there was no safety Violation,” SpiceJet had tweeted yesterday.

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