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Spanish exchange 2gether launches tokenization platform

Spanish exchange 2gether launches tokenization platform

The cryptocurrency exchange based in Spain, 2gether, announced a new development platform, specialized in “tokenizing ideas or projects” called Token Makers. With this project, the company hopes to add to its portfolio of services the creation of tokens for individuals, organizations and companies, as well as the sale of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

As part of the launch of its new platform , 2gether presented their native token, called 2GT , which they consider their first tokenization project. 2GT is available to more than 100,000 users on its platform in 22 countries and exceeds 60 million euros in transactions per month, according to a statement sent to CriptoNoticias.

In addition, the Spanish company has prepared a second tokenization project called Foodcoin , which will be launched within the next few weeks in Ponzano street in the center of Madrid. This Token Makers project offers a service focused on the hospitality sector, which allows each hotelier to create their own token with which they can reward their customers through a 2gether application.

The Token Makers section of 2gether explains the origin and function of tokens for humanity. Source: 2gether.global.

The company reported that it is currently developing another five projects of tokenized economies with five different promoters. Although it has not indicated a specific date, it is expected to be released to the market within the next few months.

Our mission has always been to build the platform that allows us to transform the economy by evolving the way we exchange value. To make it a reality throughout society, it is necessary to create simple and secure ways to interact with blockchain technology and tokenization.

Ramón Ferraz, CEO of 2gether.

Ramón Ferraz, CEO of 2gether, affirms that a new industry with accessible services is possible in new forms of exchange of value between people and organizations, smarter, more efficient and collaborative.

Tokens are a means to represent things in the real world, to which we assign a certain value. This allows to build value exchange relationships from tokens; This facilitates the incentive of actions and participations of the users.

Tokenization allows building new value exchange relationships to encourage actions. Source: Pixabay.

The reception of ideas for the creation of new tokens from your clients is done through a form from your page official. The Spanish company has not specified whether its clients will be able to control the supplies of their tokens, as well as the cost of fees and other usual characteristics.

Hacking 2gether affects customer relationships

It should be remembered that, in August 2020, CriptoNoticias reported that 2gether was hacked exposing the private data of its clients and losing more than one million euros in cryptocurrencies in the robbery.

The security incident caused a mobilization of users to carry out a class action lawsuit. Some time later, in January 2021, the Spanish company promised to return the stolen cryptocurrencies to 91% of users. As it is not a global measure for all users, added to the security flaw, this cost him several disagreements on the part of his clients.

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