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South East Water announces ban on hoses and sprinklers for clients in Kent and Sussex | business news

Southeast water has announced ban on hose and sprinkler use for his clients in Kent and Sussex.

The ban will start on 12th of August, with an end date that has not yet been determined.

It’s coming just days after South Water announced in first ban on the use of hoses of in year for clients in hampshire and island of White. This prohibition begins on Friday.

South East Water said its ban is necessary in order to sure enough water for significant use and protect the environment by adding that the ban will reduce in amount of water taken fromalready local water sources underlined.

He said “That was the time of extreme weather conditions throughout the UK.

“Official data show this is the driest july on record since 1935, and the period from November 2021 to July 2022 was the driest eight-month period since 1976.

“During July in Southeast, we only saw 8% of average rainfall for month and long term forecast for august and september for similar weather.”

it added:” demand for the water this summer broke all previous records, including the heat wave due to the COVID quarantine.

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“We produce an additional 120 million liters of water per day to supply our customers, which is equivalent to of supply of four more cities the size of of Maidstone or Eastbourne, daily.”

South East Water supply 520 million liters of water every day for 2.2 million customers.

Water drawn from more more than 250 wells, six rivers and six reservoirs.

companies website said that all clients in Kent and Sussex will be affected by the ban except for those on register of priority services.

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Clients in Berkshire and Hampshire will not be affected, the post said, adding: “While demand in our supply areas in Berkshire and Hampshire also increased significantly, we did not suffer from the same water supply problems that in Kent and Sussex.

“At the moment we in a position where we can continue to ask our customers to apply voluntary restrictions on amount of water they use in home.

“We continue to monitor the situation and will update customers if circumstances change.”

Prohibition means you can’t use hose connected to the water supply, including garden sprinklers.

Violation rules could result in fine of up up to £1,000.

Shuja Khan, Executive Director of information company Arqiva said that having a smart water meter could help people control them use.

He said: “Most people They do not have the slightest idea how they have a lot of water use every day because it can be real hard conceptualize.

“For example, for every 10 minutes of use medium hose uses 170 liters of water, or almost 19 flushes of toilet in the same period.

“If a people knew that just one hour of hose use was equivalent to the same amount of water on average family of four consumes over in two days they can revise their gardening patterns.”

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