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sound the alarm in Srinagar while Jhelum swells

With respect to some tributaries, the official He said, the water level in Vishu Nah at Khadwani receded from 10.7m at noon to 9.71m at 2pm and is still above danger Marker of 7.0 m there. The Nale Leader River near Patkot was flowing at an altitude of 1.19 m against 1.21 m at noon, the Doodhganga Nallah River in Przoula was flowing at a height of 2.78 m against dangerous sign of 3.8 m, the Sind Nala in the dirham was flowing 3.27 m against 3.36m at noon which was above the mark of 3.5 m when the alarm is heard there and 3.65 m (when flood announced).

He said that the Sakhnaj Nala River in Arizal was flowing at a height of 0.52 m (declining) against 1.3 (flood alarm) and 1.8 m (flood), Ferozpora Nallah in Drung in Tangmarg was flowing at 1.30m (declining) against (1.85 m when flood Alarm sound)/2.0m (when flood declared) while the flow of Pohru Nallah in Seelu at 3.56 AD (rising) against 4.2 m (flood alarm) and 4.6 m (when flood announced).


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