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Sorry Cornwall but North Devon has won British first Surf World Reserve award

Site in North Devon also in first “cold water” area in in world to get a designation. Surfing in UK is often better in winter.

“This common misconception that it’s all tan and board shorts but we’re all wrapped up up head to toe,” said Mr. Hall.

“England is not well respected in the world, and it is our fault, because we held back some international contests in August and the wandering surfers have come and gone place it’s trash.”

“But in fact they should Came in September and October when the waves are great and a bit cold.”

Samples for bacteria

group I will also campaign against release of sewage into the sea, issue which drew particular attention over in past pair of years.

Environmental Protection Agency testing water samples for bacteria during the “bathing season”, which runs from May to September, but surfers using water all year round, group claims.

They are also plan to prevent rash development which may affect way waves crash on the shore.

It’s happened before in Madeira where famous surf spots were damaged by coastal engineering structures in early 2000s and in Mundaka, Spain, where surf competitions had to cancel for two years after sandbar deepening in 2003.

Ben Hewitt, local surfer and former chairman of in campaign group surfers against sewage, who helps group develop your management plan, said: “There are too many things around world where decision dig a sandbar or build coastal development It has destroyed perfect wave forever or ruined surf experience.”


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