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Sonia Gandhi is traveling abroad today for Medical examination-up with Rahul, Priyanka

Congress President Sonia Gandhi will travel abroad on Wednesday for Medical examinations party He said late Tuesday night, hours After he pointed out that schedule for The election of The party will be the boss announced in some days.

Sonya will accompany her children Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. Her unexpected foreign travel for An unannounced period comes at a time of heightened speculation on The election of The next party president.

The party leaders were claiming that Rahul was not keen on competing. and does not want anyone From family to me head The party. to her decision Traveling abroad comes amidst this uncertainty and perhaps adds another layer of confusion.

Congress President Sonia Gandhi will travel abroad for medical examinations. you will do also Visit her when she’s sick mother before returning to New Delhi. Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra will travel with Congress President. Rahul Gandhi to address the Congress assembly “Mehangai Par Halla Bol” in New Delhi on September 4, 2022,” AICC general secretary in-Cost of Communication Jairam Ramesh said in Late night statement.

earlier in On the day, Jerome pointed out that the date schedule for Elections will be announced in some days.

“In a few days… I hope to have schedule for deposit of Nomination, audit, withdrawal, etc. and history for Elections will be announced. widely, we know That this process begin on August 20 and end on September 21 but exact dates for Elections will be announced in some days. Leaves us Ramesh said.

was sonia met Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gilot earlier in today. The meeting came a day after Jahlot said the conference was “unanimous.” in favor of take rahul over reins of The party. However, Jhelot remained unclear on the details of the meeting.

“If Rahul Gandhi does not become him party Chief, it’s going to be disappointing for congressmen in Country. many people will sit in home We will suffer. He (Rahul Gandhi) should accept this post Himself, understanding feelings of The common Congress people in Jahlut said on Monday.

The opinion in The partyHowever, it remained divided. While the leader of Congress in Lok Sabha Adir Ranjan Chaudhry said no one outside Gandhi family Can lead The party Currently, senior Chief Digvijaya Singh said that Rahul cannot be forced to surrender over as president of Congress.

Choudary was honest as he said view This was either Rahul should Takes over As President or Sonia Gandhi should continue. “Either Rahul J or Sonia J. We don’t have any other alternative. Whatever people He might say… That’s the reality, Chaudhry told the Indian Express.

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When asked about Rahul’s reluctance to make the decision overSingh told NDTV, “How can you force anyone. “

23 . group leaders of The partyIn the meantime, he referred to Sonya continuing or taking Rahul over It doesn’t make much difference if it system remains The same. What Congress desperately needs is a new message, and changes in The system…The way The party mission. This doesn’t really matter who Group 23 said.

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