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Song, special gift And bilateral conversations: a synopsis of Prime Minister Modi’s Day in Germany

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday started first leg of His trip that includes three countries in Europe in Germany with patriotic singing song with Indian child. He concluded his visit by signing agreements to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries.

employment arrivalPrime Minister Modi received a warm welcome from India community in Berlin and then from German Chancellor Schulz himself. for me it is sign of The special Quality of Our relationship, Chancellor Schulz said, inviting Prime Minister Modi to visit Germany again for The next G7 summit.

That’s all that happened on nice day in Berlin.

1) Prime Minister Modi fell in Berlin to a busy reception of the Indian diaspora. A girl named Manya made pencil drawing picture of Prime Minister Modi gave special gift to me prime minister when he landed in Berlin. Moody PM also took out some time to call with children As my country sang song Hi Janmabhouomi Bharat with child. The video melted hearts and started the day on a good note for Prime Minister.

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2) After the meeting and the welcome, Prime Minister Modi headed to for Some serious matters while visiting Chancellor Schultz for Bilateral talks. this was first Since Chancellor Schultz took over office in December 2021. In a statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the talks between the two leaders “covered key Regions of Bilateral cooperation within the framework of the comprehensive strategic partnership, as well as regional and global developments”.

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3) distance one-on-one Conversations, the two leaders sat down for VI round of Biennial Intergovernmental Consultation (IGC). The two countries signed nine agreements covering a range of Issues including green energy and sustainable development, the hydrogen mission force and restoration of forest landscapes among other things.

4) Maybe highlight of Prime Minister Modi’s visit (other than the warm reception from the Indian diaspora) was a signature of Green and sustainable energy partnership. Germany decided support the green growth plan of India with In addition development helps of 10 billion euros by 2030.

5) other key was the agreement on employment, higher Education and movement of among professionals countries. External secretarial of Both countries signed the Comprehensive Migration and Mobility Partnership Agreement.

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6) Prime Minister Modi and Chancellor Shultz spoke about the ongoing Russia-Ukrainian war and called for Peaceful solution as soon as possible. he will not be there winner in Modi said that this conflict and everyone will suffer losses. . said effect of war on developing and poor countries It will be a lot more.

7) Finally, Prime Minister Modi addressed the Indian community in Berlin. “me want To talk to you about capabilities of crore of And the Indians sing their praises. When I talk about Crore of Indians, it not only includes people who live there but also these who live Here, he said.

8) Prime Minister Modi spoke in his speech on India progress. India is the same country you are today [Indian diaspora] left All those years ago. but today government Gives the results of ‘state progresses when people lead He. She. In India today, it is not government but the people who is driving force. “

From Berlin, PM Modi will travel to Copenhagen on May 3 where a bilateral meeting will be held with Prime Minister Frederiksen. Later on May 4, Prime Minister Modi will hold talks with newly-elected French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris.


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